Less is more (especially when you're crunched for time and were suppose to be out the door 10 minutes ago).  I'm leaving you with an image I can't get unburned from my retinas. I want it all, now, especially those **&%@  shutters and skylight. 

Found it on Porchlight Interiors,
who found it in British Homes & Gardens.
Need a copy of that issue in a bad way.



Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Hi Danika!

Thank you SO much for your sweet comments. You seriously made me smile last night.

Loving this kitchen!! Those shutters are amazing. I'm also a sucker for white floors and tribal rugs in kitchens. Yummy. Saving this one to the files.


ps- added you to my blogroll as well

Emily said...

The natural light makes this room! Those white floors scare me though. I'm assuming a single woman with no children lives in this house. Love it!

hollyG said...

@ Emily - I second that sista - single woman, no children = white floor!

Em said...

i love love love the colors the rug and table cloth add. i also love the attitude of the table cloth. i want it.

Amber Interiors said...

This is beyond Amazing.....dude I want that tablecloth!


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