Six Years Ago Today...

I became a Mom to this little ham. 

Its been the best, most important job I've ever had and I can't believe you are turning 6! I love watching you grow and and discover, watching that little brain of yours that is so logical and creative at the same time figure things out. I am so proud to be your Mom.  
Happy Birthday Thomas, my big boy!


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

How sweet! It's amazing how quickly time goes. Absolutely love the photo. It really captures his personality!

Hope Thomas has an amazing birthday! = )

Heather Peterson said...

awww...happy birthday!
I love this picture! So cute of him, and fun to see what you're doing with those end tables!


sami chu. said...

love this picture! wish your little one a happy birthday for me!


Hooper Patterson said...

I love this! He is so happy. I hope he has a very happy day!
hooper patterson

Anonymous said...

That photo is so ridiculously cute! And this post is sweet :)


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