TGI Saturday!

Happy Weekend! Despite the fact that the weather here can't make up its mind if its going to rain or shine, I am so excited for a little down time. I have lots of projects to finish up here on the home front, and look forward to hanging with the fam and freinds tomorrow (and if it isn't pouring maybe hitting a fleamarket).

I also want to give a few more big shouts out of thanks to  Isabella & Max , You Paid More Than Me and The Mustard Ceiling for featuring my recent mural. If I missed you please email me! And if I owe you an email back I haven't forgotten you, its just I'm not used to having such a busy inbox.  All your sweet comments have really made my month!  I love designing and doing, and it feels really cool to have such great responses to my projects. 

Speaking of projects, Sidney over at Eclectic is featuring my malachite lamp DIY today in her Before and After series.

 Have you been to her blog yet? I love her style and her penchant to mix it a bit of vintage for personality.  She has a clean beachy feel and is also an organizer, so jealous of that ability! Look how pretty her work is...

What I really love is her shop Eclectic Finds. Check out some of the goodies she has for sale...
love these handpainted burlap pillows, so summery

Metro letters

this is now sold, but couldn't resist, this stool is one of my all time favorite designs

Pop over and say "Hi" to Sidney this weekend,
and to all you Mamas out there... have a fabulous day!
Anyone doing anything interesting?


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

You are welcome Danika, based on all the comments left on my post about your Dragon and you are a complete hit!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Janell

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Girl I have two of those stools about to go in my booth. Im going to have mirror cut for the tops and then paint them a purty color to be used as tables.

Maria said...

love shop! first tome I hear of it. HAppy MOther's Day!

Elizabeth said...

Have a lovely weekend Danika, thanks for the shout out today. Your mural was so incredible, I had to feature it!


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