I'm back! With an iMac!

Hello, hello! How I missed you guys! After the past week of technology crash hell, I am so glad to be back online.  I apologize to everyone that I owe emails to...I'm on it.  
Please note the two zits on my chin. Zit #1- Computer Crash Zit  #2- Deadlines 

Last night the hubs and I went computer shopping for a new desktop for the home office, our Christmas gift for each other.  We have always been PC peeps, but we have entered the Mac side.  Holy crap is it awesome!!!!  The screen makes my peepers so happy, and all my favorite blogs are so bright and shiny! I get my laptop back today, and I will still be using it for all my CAD, but now at least I feel a bit more crash proof.
I am in the middle of setting up the new office in the guest room- please note the assortment of crap in the background.  Got big plans for this room, and it is going to be kid proofed. I am setting up the old dinosaur desktop in the kitchen to play their Angry Birds on.  

I will be back in full effect shortly once I have home base all set up.
Missed you!  And if anyone has anything cool I should know or Apps I need for a Mac, do tell. I am a virgin here.



Stacy Curran said...

I LOVE MY IMAC!! Can't live without it. Think you'll love it, too!!

Heather Peterson said...

I cant even see any zits, but let me tell you this: for my birthday, my body gave me a huge chin zit (I rarely get them!) and a rash all over both arms. Nice.

Also. Big plans for that room? Did't you just finish it not so long ago? It amazes me how quickly you start over!


LindsB said...

I was wondering where you went? So glad you are back and with a shiny new computer!

Oh and want to talk zits, my face looks like the wall behind you- except my massive stars all over my face are red and NASTY. Ugg stress can do bad, bad things to my face.

Brandi said...

Glad to have you back! It seems everyone is making over their office these days, including me! Excited to see what you do!

Sharon@house58blog.com said...

I am happy you are back! I've checked every day! Congrats on the Mac--I'm so wanting one. I have an Ipad, Imac is next.

Designed to the Nines said...

I feel your pain... in the midst of it myself. But I'm still offline over at www.designedtothenines.com I got a mad virus on my laptop and my backup laptop isn't working either. I wish I could get a mac... trying to wipe my hard drive and start again. Crossing fingers.

Pacific NW Blogfan said...

You are hot.

Sherry said...

Welcome back!

Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

Welcome to the Mac world! I love mine, but it's still too new to pass on great tips. Definitely easy though...it likes to think for you. Just what I need!

Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

Yay for Macs!!!! Welcome to the fabulously pretty and virus resistant club! ;)

Kim said...

I am so happy you survived that awful day that everything crashed! I also turned "mac" last year and will never go back! I wish I had fabulous things to pass on ... I drive my children crazy asking them how to do things ... but the mac makes it so much easier! The zit thing ... I turned 50 this year and just had one on my chin as well. My teenage girls had no sympathy ... really ... this makes no sense!!! Glad to see your cute face back in action!

SamanthaJoy said...

I recently transitioned to a Mac too. Its so amazing right?! I can honestly say I will never go back to a PC after getting my precious Macbook Pro.
XO Happy Holidays :)



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