Monday, no fun day, and a 20% off O'verlay code.

Insert imaginary picture of middle finger here.

I will spare you the details, but I am the proud owner of:
-a crashed laptop
-a glitchy dinosaur "backup" computer that won't let me load photos to my posts
-a dead vacuum
-a phone that will not let me get into my Gmail

Monday, you suck.  Same to you technology.  Why do all my devices choose the same time to die or act up? Its not even in threes anymore- who else is planning to off themselves today?  TV, camera you want a piece? Do I have a forcefield around me or something? 

OK, while I go find myself a tech geek, I have some holiday cheer for you.  We are running a 20% off sale at O'verlays. Use coupon code HOHO20 at the checkout.  Good til this Sunday 12/11/11, not valid on custom orders.  Enjoy!

I will be back shortly once I get things fixed, or I find a proper comuter to blog from.  In the meantime I can yap to you from FB.

4 comments: said...

Boo-hiss! I hope your day gets much, much better. Sounds like my Monday last week. Keep your chin up!

Trissta said...

Yowch. I feel you on that one! It was just a couple weeks ago that someone hacked my email, sent out a bunch of nonsense about asking for money cause I was mugged in London, found a nail in my tire, had to finish a project, and my computer LCD went out in the screen. I totally feel your pain. It will get better! I promise you that!!

Much Love,

Danielle {freshquince} said...

This is totally goofy, but my sister just told me as of last week that Mercury is in retrograde. And what that means is shit is gonna break in Astrology talk. And guess what I have 3 broken toilets (I know insane), a broken chandy, a broken lamp, broken curtain rings and a hole in my only pair of pregnancy I feel for you and not that I believe in it, but the Mercury thing ends tonight. xx Danielle (ps. so sorry i haven't contacted you about the order...i'm just too huge and tired to do anything and am gonna wait 'till i get energy after the baby is born)

Quiltrobin said...

I hope it's not too late, but my unsolicited advice woud be:

Get thee to

I recently got my Dyson vacuum there and I am in love with it. So powerful I beleive it sucks dirt out of the house next door too! Many electronics there too and all kinds of great deals.

Wishing you better days soon. I love your blog.


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