Closer to home

I having been wanting to post this for a while,
 but I didn't want to jinx anything any more than it has been.
I am really excited for my parents- they finally sold their house in NY.
The best part is they moved to a new house only 30 minutes away from me.
They bought this house last fall, but right after closing on it and right before they were suppose to list their old house my mom fell, torn her rotator cuff and fractured her pelvis.. that added months of rehab and kept them in NY.
(hence my jinx aversion)
Luckily the house sold within a week in a bidding war- great way to end a whole lotta drama.

So, they are finally here!  
The new house is pretty awesome and has lots of space for everyone to crash come the holidays.
 (my favorite part is the backyard patio):

 Both my parents are big gardeners, and now 
they have a great sized yard to have at it.

 Over the next few months I will be posting some before and afters as they settle in and complete projects- and do they have a list!  You will soon understand where my project neurosis comes from.

  My mom and I are scheming up some paint ideas and designs, and my husband is just glad that I will be painting someone else's walls instead of changing ours again.

I am already amazed at the fact that she has her family room almost set up, it is already starting to feel like home.
(those are the pillows from last years how to post...)

To add to all this moving closer goodness, I had another awesome surprise... my good friend 
Nancy and her family moved back this month from Florida.  
She left last fall, I was sad, now its like she was never gone.
My kids are over the moon to have their friends back:

Joe got to add another "wife" back to his girlfriend list.
He somehow thinks he going to marry ALL of his girl friends. Yeah, good luck!
 And sleepovers are back in high swing!

P.S. School starts next week for the guy above and one week later for my Kindergartner.
T-minus, can't wait... it has been an awesome summer, 
but I am definitely a bit frazzled and in need of "serenity now".  
Fall has my permission to crash this party!


My Interior Life said...

All such great news. Your parent's new house is beautiful already, can't imagine what it will look like once the project list is punched out. Yay, for fall! My kids went back to school on the 10th, so I'm enjoying some me time right now. :)

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

I am totally jealous of that patio and those big beautiful windows. I know your dad is going to whip up some amazing built ins with his carpentry skills too. Can't wait to see!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm glad you have so much company in the area now... I'm with you. I'd love for the weather to cool off a bit.

Kim @ Plumberry Pie said...

fall has my permission too! :) can't wait to see your parents house room by room. love that yard!

Samantha said...

So happy to hear your parents are settled in. That injury sounded scary.


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