Getting Stuff Done When I should be Getting Other Stuff Done

My porch ceiling.
It was white...
I had lots of work stuff to do, so procrastination struck.
I decided my porch ceiling needed a pattern on it, 
so I broke out my drug of choice: paint and some blue tape.

Got a little lazy and made my design based on 3' squares.
2' would have been a much better scale, 
but that was more work and I was trying to avoid work... remember?

I mixed up some left over blue & white paint I had.
Literally had just enough paint to do this! 

End result is subtle, and it killed a good 2 hours of work time.
Shame on me. 
But, on the bright side evening cocktails are more interesting out here now.
And anyone whose work I blew off is welcome to come over for a mojito.
Unfortunately these days the cocktails out here are slim since the mosquitos around here are fierce and laden with West Nile & Triple E.  They have me on freak out patrol fearing my kids are going to contract something terrible and be hospitalized. (Thank you local news for the paranoia.) 
The mosquito net curtains and fan are no match for their sneakiness. 
We still get bit.
I want to move to California, not for the ridiculously great weather, but for the sheer fact that there are much less bugs. Sad!
So to recap. 
Procrastinating, painted porch ceilings and drinks=good.  
Disease carrying insects= f*cking bad.

Hope it is bug free where you are!

10 comments: said...

If you count leeches, ticks, mosquitos, poisonous spiders and all manner of venomous snakes, we're bug free. And grateful for it, natch...

I like the ceiling. For a a second I thought the first picture was the finished deal, though.


The Mississippi Martha said...

It looks great! I love a patterned ceiling, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. I think I would have a permanent arm cramp afterward said...

We've been dealing with the tiger mosquito for many years now. I've hired Mosquito squad which uses a spray and IT WORKS! Look into it.


Unknown said...

very cool idea! Love it !

Just came across your blog.


My Interior Life said...

Beautiful ceiling! I love that you procrastinate by actually doing something useful. I usually just read blogs and scour Craigslist. Not nearly as beneficial. Oh, and the mosquitoes down here in the Mid-South are truly horrible. Why do they exist?? Why are there fewer bugs out west?

Dina @ Honey + Fitz said...

Porch ceiling = awesomeness. And you are welcome to come have mojitos with me in Needham. We are remarkably mosquito free here!

LindsB said...

Seriously why is the news scaring the shit out of us? I watch the news everynight and I'm scared to even step foot outside- its awful!

In other non-bug related news, your ceiling is awesome. But I would expect nothing less from the paint queen :)

Unknown said...

Love that you are productive procrastinator as well. Shouldn't that netting help with the mosquitos. And don't move to LA.... you don't have seasons and a friend out there got West Nile earlier this year so you never know.... and there are horrible spiders.

Kim said...

I love what you are doing to your ceilings ... they are inspiring and WONDERFUL!!! We are paying a small fortune to have the mosquitos sprayed away this summer ... at least we can go outside!! xo

Glorious said...

I love what you've done to your porch! I want to do the same thing but procrastination and a pile of other crap I need to do has prevented me....that AND the bugs!!! I'm trying to find some citronella plants that I can put out there (mosquitos hate them)! Also, I've heard great things about Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray and Fogger (just picked some up at Home Depot for $10).

Luv your blog too!


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