Black & White DIY Weekend Inspiration

I have been heavily inspired lately by runny, streaky paint-like textures and I wanted to share two similar projects I have been working on.

First off: 
My New Super Cheap Wallpaper Project
(this is hopefully going to get hung Sunday)

I found this wrapping paper at Homegood's.
They had so many awesome patterns to choose from.
Very impressed, they get high fives.
 Best part, it was SO cheap, and I love to be cheap.
30" x 12'. 
heck yes. would have bought 10 rolls if they had it, but only got 3.

Its actually pretty heavy weight, which is what you need- the thin stuff just tears apart and wrinkles.
Think it is going in here...
(that wall was painted over a year ago, so its about time for a change in my book)

...and yes, my office is a massive shit show.
I am going to try using a spray adhesive first so I can peel it off if I get tired of it.
I that doesn't work I will have to use paste.
Stay tuned.

The next easy project is painted drapes. 
Inspired from Porter Teleo (they rock) and their Tangled design:

I had to make some drapes for a photo shoot for work, so I grabbed some white cotton IKEA panels and Black RIT dye and made these babies:

 To do this make sure you put plastic under the panels first. 
It gets REAL messy if you don't:
I mixed 1 part RIT Dye with 2 parts warm water in an empty squeeze bottle.

You don't need the bottle, I was just hoping to squirt the lines, but that was a big messy mess...

Definitely could have been cool, but it would need to be done outside 
since it squirted EVERYWHERE.
(project for spring)
I grabbed a paint brush and poured some dye mixture in a bowl and started painting my lines.

 Keep everything on a plate to catch drips and move around the fabric.

 and just paint until satisfied without a plan. 
I let it dry flat for 30 minutes, then I hung it for the remainder...

Think I might do this in a color for my own house when the reno is done.

I am off to make lasagna, drink wine and watch a movie.

Happy weekend peeps!


My Interior Life said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! The drapes are super cool, and would you laugh if I told you I bought the same wrapping paper at TJ Maxx with plans to do something similar (lining a bookshelf maybe?). Great minds, right? Enjoy your wine, movie and lasagna!

Kim @ Plumberry Pie said...

LOVE those drapes!

bluehydrangea said...

Once again you have blown me away!! can't wait to see the wallpaper hung and the drapes are so fab!!

Dana Frieling said...

I admire how fearless you are when it comes to painting anything and everything!

Janea said...

gorgeous! question - what kind of spray adhesive? I have something called "Alenes repositional Tacky Spray"
i've only ever used it "gluing" paper to canvas but I wonder if it would work doing something similar as your gift wrap wall paper. I'm a renter, and I'm not into the whole starching fabric to the wall trick...but the spray with paper would be so awesome.

The Sister Sophisticate said...

Love these...! Good inspo for real!

Houndstooth and Nail said...

WHAT??? Cool wallpaper at Homegoods!! I need to visit my local store. What the french toast??

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

LOVE those curtains. I've got a couple of sets of the white Ikea curtains just sitting around so they might have to be treated to some dye.

Unknown said...

I love those curtains! Great sense of scale you have!

Unknown said...

I love those curtains! Great sense of scale you have!

Unknown said...

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