good wood

I am the first to admit I over-paint things.
Sometimes you just need to leave well enough alone.
Lately I have been loving a space that has a beautiful wood piece in it, 
and especially drawn to burled pieces.
They ground the space, add a classic feel and add warmth.
You can also have a ton of whimsy or color going on 
and it tones it all down like a cop at a house party.

Miles Redd

Today I am undertaking a paint "reversal" of sorts.
I have this dresser that actually mine when I was a kid.  I painted it gray a while ago, and underneath its  oak-not that exciting.   I like the lines and plan on using it in my boys room...

 I have no plans of stripping it, instead I am going to faux grain it to look more like this:
I hope to have the tutorial for you by tomorrow or Wednesday, 
and in reality I probably should have started with something like a Parson's table... but here goes.

If there are any other finishes you would like me to do tutorials on, just shout it out.
I have a bunch up my sleeve from my decorative painting years.


Ashley said...

First malachite, now burl wood? I know you're going to knock this paint treatment out of the park.

Bromeliad said...

This I gotta see.

therelishedroost said...

I just love burled walnut, gorgeous !
xo Karolyn

My Interior Life said...

Ooh, girl, you know I LOVE burled wood (I even bought the faux formica version for the kids playroom). Can't wait to see what you do!! So exciting!

Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

I love burled wood! You are so good at faux finishes I'm sure it'll look fantastic. I agree about a little bit of wood going a long way. I think a wooden piece or two in any room helps to ground it and give it some character!

Hannah said...

Loving burled wood lately. Looking forward to the tutorial!

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