Back to the basics!

Feeling grateful and so much lighter today,
my brain is working again after a good nights sleep.

Today I am full of mojo and I just want to dive into the weekend.
For me that means a big to do list:
working on those above trash find chairs,  whipping the new screened porch into shape,
some gardening and painting, a birthday party and maybe even a yard sale or two.

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Stuff is gonna get done!

Finished the chairs finally...
couple coats of orange spray paint and some Lulu DK fabric.
There is nothing like the feeling of wrapping up a project!


The Mississippi Martha said...

Those chairs are going to be amazing! I don't know how you fit in everything!

therelishedroost said...

WOw girl I am so loving the fabric line!!! May I blog about it too..its great!
xo Karolyn


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