Update from Boston

I will be back with regular design stuff soon.  
Funny thing is yesterday I started painting/upholstering stuff in my house and it felt great.  Lulu DK and orange painted chairs were happening, I took pictures for DIY's, felt like life was normal and all that... but today has been intense and I have no interest in yesterday.   
I actually only had about 3 hours of real sleep last night, so that might be magnifying things.  That and the glass of wine I just had.  I had nightmares- horrible "kid-like" kind of nightmares,  where you wake up every hour and it is the same dream- and at 3 AM I just decided to stay awake.  I chalked it up to the week.  I chalked it up to the fact that I was worried about my 7 year old and the fact he had wet his pants twice yesterday... something he hadn't done since he was 4.  
Life has been strange around these parts lately, and having kids home for school vacation week only makes it stranger. 

 Having to explain bombs and terrorists were not in my plans for happy family fun-day vacation week, but that is what my 7, soon to be 8 year old got into today.  Duty calls, and I birthed an old soul. 
 "Why did someone set off bombs in Boston?" 
(he had heard two women talking about it at the park)  

I knew he had friends that were at the Marathon, and on Monday shit was going to get real once he was back in school- I had to fill him in.  I needed to prepare him- he was a deep inquisitive kid, and despite my best efforts to keep it light, he was onto me. 
Q&A didn't go quite as I planned... he wanted answers, real answers (hey, me too)...  
"Who are they?  How old? Can I see a picture of them?  Why? Why? How? Why?"  
(Meanwhile, I left out the part that a boy his age and 2 girls close in age to his cousin, 
and a cop were killed-because his imagine is a rival to mine.)
His questions were intense, and exhausting... but I realized that he was much smarter and in tune than I wanted to give him credit for.  

I have no idea what this situation is like in the rest of the country or the air play you are seeing.  Here it is 24/7-we don't even see weather reports on the local news channels.  

I also still have no idea what motivated these guys to do this, and having to explain it to a child is even harder.  I know answers will come to light over the next few days- hopefully.

As I typed that last sentence my husband just walked in the door from work an told me they have the second suspect in a boat. I am relieved. SO very relieved.  My son is relieved, more importantly.

I just want peace.  For families of those lost and hurt and the families of the suspects.  I am sure they hurt right now too.  

No more hurting people.

We need to listen to this little angel's message right now.
 Praying for Boston and no more hurt.


Katie Waddell said...

Oh I'm so sorry. It's so hard to try to explain these kinds of things to our kids, I'm sure you did a great job though!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to talk to little ones that aren't as close-up as you are so I can't imagine what you and your family are going through. Equally as hard is knowing people live in Countries where this is normal and they don't know peace as we do. I pray for your little one that God will comfort him as well as you, your family and others that are affected by this tragedy. You did what you had to do the best you could I'm sure and that is just what a good parent would do:)


Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

My son is scared of everyone and I spend so much time trying to convince him that people are good and nice. I'm not looking forward to the day I have to have a conversation like this. I've been thinking about all the people (moms especially) in and around Boston. What a hard thing to explain while also being genuinely afraid. Hope you can get back to semi-normal now that they caught the guy!

Dana Frieling said...

Girl, I get it. We were getting ready to take our 9 y.o. son to a concert and he said, "Momma, I'm kinda scared to go. I mean, it's a place where lots of people are going to be. What if we get shot?" My heart hurt when he asked that.

My Interior Life said...

Just so sad that we have to explain things like this to our children. My daughter doesn't want to go to movie theaters after the Colorado shooting. I'm relieved for the people of Boston, but more questions need to be answered. When will this stop?


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