From the Land of Sawdust and Plaster

I know I have been a bad blogger lately with such infrequent posts.
I'm real sorry.  I hope to make it up to you a little.  
I have been working on a bunch of lighting DIY's and tutorials and have decided to dedicate next week to "Lighting Week".  Everything thing you need to know about rewiring, remaking and rehabbing lights- so that will kick off Monday.  And I plan on tossing a giveaway in there too.

Around these parts things have been jam packed crazy as usual.
Here is a look at what has been going on in renovation land...
Finish Carpentry.

New doors.

 Big ass baseboards.
(It will be white from the wood colored piece down)
 Said "buh-bye" to the 1960's brick.
I did love it so much more after I had painted it white, but I have bigger plans.
 Planking is going up over it.  
Mantle design is still  in the works and undecided.
Right now a simple barn beam is winning.  Who knows.

Crown has begun...
 Front door 1960's peek-a-boo divider is gone and walls planked...
The wall above is the entry wall that has been painted seven ways to Sunday.
Remember a year ago?
I will be working on number 8 shortly once the dust clears.

My house looks nothing like it did a week ago for the Fall House Tour.
It's sporting a very a chic carefree and cluttered style right now.  
I like to refer to it as 'Eclectic Deconstructionism'. 
  Those cushions and lumber are perfectly placed. 

As for other life fronts, 
this month I turned 39 (I really can't nor want to believe that- the thirties flew).

I ran the Boston Half Marathon again with my friend Tabitha.
She kicked butt.  I sucked wind-literally-having forgotten my inhaler.  
But we did it!
 I have been a color consulting machine these days.
 And a big commercial job I have been working on for the past year is almost ready for the fun stuff...
paint and paper.  Can't wait for this...

Hope you all have a fun weekend!
I think I might get lost in corn maze and drink some cider.

See you Monday!


Rosemary said...

You're friends with Tabitha S.?! Me too! What a small world.

Kim said...

Oh my ... that just wore me out!! I am so impressed with your energy and cannot wait to see that fabulous fireplace re-do! xo

Anonymous said...

Please explain - stripes on the ceiling? Or is that some kind of reflection? Love what you are doing, it is going to be simply wonderful. Ann


I am waiting for my trim guy to squeeze me in for random "planking" around here also! Love the fireplace!!!

Danika Herrick said...

Ann- Those were teh old stripes to my kitchen ceiling. We tore the wall down, so they are going to be painted out and new stripes painted in- just deciding on a color! Too many choices.


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