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Hi everyone! Today I'm over at  Simplied Bee participating in Cristin's "What would You Do?" series. Come over and check out the space I made around this fabulous table from Bunny William's Beeline Home Collection...
My inspiration was the insane stack of magazines I've aquired but not had a chance to read yet.
Let me know what you think!

Shout out to my girls!

EEEEEEEEE!!!!!I am so excited to find not one, but two of my blog friends in High Gloss today (back to back no less!!) I'm talking about Amber from Amber Interiors and Bri from Me, You and a Weiner.

The blog community is an amazing place, and I have gotten to know these two through emails and chats over the past year. They are both insanely talented, funny, and beautiful ladies and SO deserving of this recognition.  I'm so proud of them, can ya tell???? Please go and check out their abode, they truly knock socks!
Congrats girls! XOXOXO 


We have fretwork panels available for sale finally!
O'VERLAYS is live!
And I feel ready to drop!  We are so excited and so exhausted at the same time.  Thanks for all the kind words and your patience. I know you were probably starting to think I was full of it. Starting a new business took a bit longer than we anticipated, and in the 11th hour (this past Friday) we realized that if we wanted the site to look like how we wanted we were going to have to take over designing it ourselves. yikes.

  Despite the fact that the only thing I ever designed online was my blog,  we did it and launched. (I did lose our storefront 3 times in an overtired fog of hitting wrong buttons and mildly stroked) I give all you web designers out there massive kudoos. My back hurts from hunching over a screen and I have had daily migraines from staring at a screen,
and don't get me started about code.
The only down side is we can't do coupon codes or bulk price breaks at this time, but hopefully in the near future. Instead we marked the store down for you.  The site incorporates Adobe Flash, so we apologize to all the iPhones in advance- that was the trade off with the template we chose-
 but it looks pretty*.

And as promised we have a winner of the $50 credit....

Thank you for all your comments! We really hope you enjoy our product
and would love to hear your feeback.
In the meantime here is a brief overview of what we are offering:

- we have 4 sizes and patterns currently-more in production.
-we are made locally so we can do custom rather quickly 7-10 days to ship from design approval,
just contact us with the size you are interested in and we will send you a quote.
-the product is paintable,
just use a paint or primer made for plastic
(we like Krylon & Rustoleum's spraypaints)
-we include adhesive tabs that we recommend for smooth, clean surfaces like glass or mirror,
on painted or slightly textured surfaces we recommend using a few tabs to hold it in place and to secure it with a couple small brad nails in the corner. You can also use your own adhesive.
-we will ship internationally- just contact us, we are working out the pricing still, but it can be done!
I know there is more, but my brain is drained...
I will be back now on a regular basis. Thanks for understanding my lack of posts lately, hopefully it was all worth it! Now I just need a good nap.
Let me know what you think, and thanks again!


"The Score" with Saved by Suzy

 Today I have a great score from super talented DIY blogger Suzy of "Saved by Suzy". 
She had found a fantastic desk (well it wasn't so fantastic at the start) that had great lines.  With some good ols fashioned elbow grease she transformed it into a stunner. It became the starting point for her daughter's room transformation that is currently underway. I always love how a new piece can have that effect!  Here is a little peek:

 " My neighborhood had a garage sale a few weekends ago and I found two perfect desks...but, they were already sold! I was so disappointed. So, I hopped on Craig's List and found this beauty:"

" Looking better all ready! I use Kilz no-odor spray primer. It is so easy to use and worth a little extra money. Just be sure to use light coats and shake the can a lot, or else it can get kind-of bumpy or have a sand-paper like texture."
" Decisions, decisions...what color to paint. I thought a baby pink would look cute in C's room, but she was determined to have turquoise. I wasn't too sure about that until we came across a gallon of oops paint at Home Depot in turquoise. I love a bargain, so of course we bought it."
The hardware got a makeover.

And check out this after...

Behold the power of paint and a great color!
Suzy is using this desk in her daughter's bedroom,which is currently undergoing a makeover of its own.   The desk kind of acted as the starting point. She has since painted the walls a light aqua and added pops of pinks and yellow.  Check out the above chair she also redid. Here it is the before...
She has great plans for the bedroom and will be revealing it when its done. You can see some of her inspiration images here. Be sure to hop over to her blog to see more of her projects as well!

Thanks so much for sharing your score with us Suzy!

If you have a great find you'd like to have featured in "The Score" please email me: danika@danikaherrick.com

Checking in...

Hi everybody! Sorry for the dead air this past week. Cheryle and I have been feverishly working day and night to launch the new company. We are VERY close. Just waiting for the website to be complete.  

Thank you for all your great comments, we are so excited we could really pop (and then maybe take a nap)! In the mean time we started a Facebook product page that you can follow and like and see more pictures.  (I should have a Twitter soon too.) I will be updating it often and letting you know our status, revealing patterns and sizes, contest winners, discounts and any other crazy stuff we are doing... 

Now that the hard part is done I will be back to blogging, cleaning my house and returning emails... all things that took a major backseat last week.

Meet my new addition, the "Ice Queen"...

I took a work break today to try to get something off my "home" to do list.  I decided I would install my new chandy I found a few weeks ago at a thrift store. It just came back a few days ago from being rewired. (I know I'm busy when I don't immediately hang something the second I bring it home.)
So meet the Ice Queen...
All those lucite prisms make her one heavy girl. 

I switched her out because although I loved my old lucite spaghetti pendant, when I added some leaves to my table and made it bigger it got lost. (I'm working on new seating for the wall side, currently I threw a bench there but am designing a built in.)
 See... excuse the mess, I was doing my best just remembering to get a before shot.
The new chandy is an oval, so it balances it nicely.
And I love the extra sparkle it adds to the space.

One more thing off the list. Now if I could only decide on a color to paint the kitchen, although I really don't mind the white. 

"The Score" with Keller-Creative

I love this redo I am about to show you! It goes to show what a good eye and a little patience can produce. Let me introduce The talented Kim from Keller-Creative.  She came a cross this lamp, "Ole Eagle Eyes" as she calls it, while at Goodwill...

 Despite it being "quite possibly the ugliest lamp I have ever seen", she saw the potential.
She sprayed it white, first covering the eagle and globe, than decided to paint the eagle white too...

 She got some paint on the globe, and upon wiping it off learned the amber color was just a film. This lead to heavy scrapping...
And BAM... the eagle has landed.
She added a beautiful shade she recovered herself and viola, an amazing transformation...

Serious Cinderella story.  AND the best part? The lamp was only $2.98.
Lets reflect..

Yeah, seriously good.

Kim works a lot of magic. Check out this soap dispenser she made from a plain generic ceramic one with the help of painters tape and spray paint...

And her awesomeness doesn't stop there. She also has an Etsy shop filled with gorgeous earrings she makes...

Truly inspired by her talent and creative eye. Now go stop over at Keller-Creative an tell Kim how much she rocks!

Thanks for sharing Kim!!!

PSA on Comment Form

I have been unable to leave comments on so many blogs lately and its bumming me out! Blogger keeps making me sign in, but I come up Anonymous or not at all. Then I had a reader contact me about not being able to leave comments on my site, and let me know it was because I had my Comments set as Embedded and not Pop Up in the settings page. I changed it and the problem went away. 
 So, all my favorite homebloggers out there... check your settings. I guess its a common sucky problem but easily fixed.  I miss telling you how awesome you are!

Thanks and my Garage Door

Thank you all for helping us with the naming process! We do love all the "fretwork" suggestions, and are now pondering Fret Works or Fret Shop. Its so hard naming a product! We want it to be simple, but easily explainable. So fret works and o'verlay seem to fit that bill, it is what it is.  Hmmm ...

We are in complete overwhelm mode over here now that we realized all that needs to be done in a week!  (We knew, but it really sank in once we announce yesterday.)  If I am a bit sparse here on the blog over this week, just know I am probably stroking out or something.  I will be back in full swing once we launch.

  In the mean time I have some after pics of my garage door. Exciting I know.
But, really it is. my house was such a dark blah when we bought it and had a massive door with two toned (chocolate and yellow- lovely) massive garage door. We replaced it last fall and I'm finally taking pics...

We have also been  busy landscaping.
Ripping out the old & overgrown and replacing with prettier things. 

We ripped down the fence in the back yard and tore off half the deck to make room for planter beds.

During  rip up/out & paint phase...

And here are my little veggie beds.  They make me happy and help me find my zen.
I have a black thumb too, so I am always happy when something blooms or grows into a tomato or strawberry or anything edible...
I added window boxes to the top of my deck railing and did up a little herb garden.
I feel so domestic.
Ridiculously happy I tell you. Now I must just remember to water!
Have a good week folks and keep offering up suggestions for sizes and names.
We are loving all your comments!
I'll be checking in with you soon.

Our Secret Project Revealed

Please click here to purchase our fretwork overlays.
Thanks for your patience.

THANK YOU for your patience! We are almost there.

OK everyone! After talking about this for like ever, I am finally going to let you guys in on our big secret.  Our? Well I have a partner in crime on this endeavour, you have met her before on the blog... my good friend Cheryle Rhuda- creative genius seamstress.

  We actually decided to go into business over a year ago after a challenging day. Problem was we're both overly ADD and had way too many ideas to narrow down, so we took a little thinking break. Well that didn't last long. Enter a client's project. Remember this hack... Pax Wardrobes that I covered with mirror and some vintage overlays and trim?

Here was the cabinets before... bleh.

Well, after searching for more overlays I found they were either a) really hard to find b) really expensive  or c) really boring patterns- think radiator covers or garden trellis. Also the originals were made from balsa wood and they had rough edges and sanding was a pain!

So after many months of researching and designing Cheryle and I found a way to make our own overlays.  We had so many ideas of places and things to attach them to. But we needed to focus. We started on drawer fronts and went from there. For example, here is a MALM I had. I was tired of the dark wood, so I painted it. I then attached  the overlays and voila! 



Now it looks like a custom fretwork paneled dresser for a small fraction of what one would cost.
We also designed a size compatible for a RAST dresser...

(I had child labor in its assembly)


Currently we have 4 patterns, and 3 sizes. 
We have 2 more patterns and a few more sizes in the works. 
They are lightweight and are also paintable. 

The applications for these are endless. We played around with them... 

We have put them over mirrors, incorporated them with crown moldings, around doorways and on glass paneled doors/ windows, along table aprons, on headboards, on cabinet door fronts and as artwork. The list goes on and on.


We are planning on launching the website next week, but we really need your help.  We are stuck on a name for this product and we need your opinions. We are letting you guys decide our name. 

We are kicking around:
 O'verlay or Overlaid
 (sorry my mind is in the gutter and its real happy there) 

 Do you like any or none? Do you have a better suggestion?

We also would love to know what size you'd want to see us make.

Please comment and give us your 2 cents,  we need it more than ever.
We are offering an incentive for your advise....$50 gift card towards the product.
We will randonmly choose a winner and announce the day of the launch.

Let us know your suggestions, we are all ears!

 Danika & Cheryle


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