Let me introduce you to my own personal Random.Org : Joe and a big pot.

I let him pull the three winners for the O'verlays and pillow giveaway. 
I really wish I video taped it because he got so excited each time he picked one. 
He would pull it, read it and say "Yay! Thats awesome!  Good Job!"

So the winners are:
Lily, Smokey's Daughter and OliviaKyle

Contact me with your ship to and I will get your goods to you shortly!
A big thanks to my business partner Cheryle for donating her pillows and a big
thank you all for playing and reading my blog! I look forward to may more blog years with you!


Have a great weekend, and if you know anyone that is looking for an internship (just North of Boston) please have them email me! 

Intern/ Assistant Needed!

Hey out there,  I am in desperate need of help!  Should have done this eons ago, but I like to think I can handle it all.  Truth is I can't anymore.  
I am looking for a intern/assistant to help with O'verlays and G.S.T. 
 Can be for a summer internship or start sooner.

Here is the run down:

-I am located in Beverly, MA so the closer you are the better for the both of us.  
I am 1 mile from both Endicott College and Montserrat College- so anyone know any good design students out there? Send them over!

-Just so you know, I am crazy with A.D.D.D.D. (Attention Deficit Design Diversion Disorder). 
 I need a detail oriented, organized and creative minion that can stay on a given task to make sure things get done.  Must be able to speak up and say "I can't do that now Danika because I am finishing your first request" and not get wrapped up in my madness.  

- Daily grind includes dealing with emails, customer service, press/ marketing, playing with O'verlays and some designing fun stuff.

-CAD/ Photoshop/ Illustrator knowledge a major BONUS* and pretty important.  
I am willing to train if you are a fast learner and amazing though.

-Pleasant and positive, kickass work ethic,  a sense of humor +++++.  

-Not afraid to get their hands dirty and paint/ build something if I get the whim, which is pretty likely.

-I would love 2-3 days a week, (10-15 hours a week). Negotiable.

In return I am willing to teach you oodles, and there is potential for growth within O'verlays.  
Minimal pay, but the beach is at the end of my street and I like to work from there during the summer.* 
I can be very entertaining. You will have stories from this job, and...all the caffeine you can handle. 

If this doesn't scare you, please email your resume and why you are so awesome to:   

On another note, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for O'verlays and pillows over here.
That baby ends Friday at high noon.

The "Not Your Mother's Umbrella" Round Up

I have been teased by Mother Nature last week into thinking its summer, even though now its grey, cold and crappy out and I have drop clothes over my garden beds (cause I'm impatient like that).
So I decided to roll with the mindset and hunt down some great umbrellas for my little sitting area.

Love the Zen prettiness of it all. I'd like 10 of these planted all around my yard. I would wear a petticoat and play crochet and say "Ello Gov'nor".  And my friends and family would probably commit me.
76" Diameter $125

Moving on...

6' Grass Skirt Umbrella and a drink in a pineapple anyone?

But way better that that are these colorful ones from Confetti Bay.
I am dying over here... LOOK HOW FUN!
They scream "Is it 5:00 yet?"(or noon for some folks)

Yes please, and make it a double. 
They come in 68" or 72" wide and in a ton of color ways. 

Speaking of drinking and umbrellas, how about something in the way of a giant drink umbrella?
I like the pink and greek key action...

7' Oriental Umbrella in Asian Pink


Tangent....More drink umbrellas, how fun are these lights?

The Lush Collection from Bright Lights- Little City

On the higher end of the budget you can get an amazing custom umbrella from WW & Co.

My two favorites are:

Dahlia Umbrella

I so love these, but unfortunately I'd have to sell an organ to own one.  There is no way I could justify $850+ to my husband for a ruffled umbrella. Do I smell a DIY in my future?

Now, if only the weather would warm up so I can crank one open.

Last Call!!!

Good Morning! Just wanted to remind you all that my Event at Joss and Main is ending very shortly (like before 11AM!)  A lot of stuff has sold out but there are still many deals to be had:

First off we are talking $29!!!!! for a big pop of color, perfect for a beach house:
18" x 24" Abstract Wall Dunes canvas print $29

 Next up is an amazing deal on upholstered headboards. 
 Seriously, where can you get tufted or nailheads for under $250 smackers?
 I am always asked where I got my white ceramic cut out lamps seen here-

 and I have yet to find them again, but I did find a similar look. 
The Glover Lamp is on sale for $79.95 and adds fun, beachy texture to any space:
And there are deals to be had on O'verlays too...

Sold in sets of two (the Greek Key above is regularly $18.50 per panel), you are getting them for under $15 a panel.  There are some Malm sizes and squares still left in a few patterns.

 And some Jonathan Adler Bamboo-aliciousness too...
Go get some! 

GST is 3! A Guest Post and GIVEAWAY! Phew!

I awoke this morning and felt like I was forgetting something. Then I remembered.  Today is Gorgeous Shiny Thing's 3 year Blogiversary.  I had thought about what I would do for this post last week and then it slipped my mind.  I don't think I every celebrated a Blogiversary to date, so this morning I decided to change that. 

First off, I can't believe I am actually still blogging.  I started this as a way to reconnect with design. Having taken off the past year and a half off to raise my babies, I felt fulfilled in the motherhood department, but there was a hole in my creative department.  I started posting things I liked and painting the crap out of my house.  I had no idea what I was doing. (See my lame first post here. I couldn't even upload a photo right, I think those were added later.) I also posted like 5 times that day. Anyhow, I quickly met so many amazing people that encouraged me, gave me their honest opinions and shared many common ideas and made me laugh.   I can't tell you how much I truly love this little place on the web!

 I had no idea that I would make so many friends through this blog. One of which I need to make a big shout out to, the designing powerhouse Amber of Amber Interiors whom I happen to be guest blogging over at today.
Please hop over and visit her, I will be playing "Babe Behind the Blog" 
and baring my soul and my thin skin.
A big thank you for having me Amber!

This blog also lead to many new clients and the start of O'verlays- a business I owe it's entire growth to bloggers and readers like you.  

Thank you for all your support these past 3 years.  For listening to my crazy rants, for watching me paint everything in my entire fucking house-twice, maybe three times, and for just being there.   I have no idea what is to come, or where this blog will take me, but I do know I am so glad I stuck with it-(with a few breaks here and there, not gonna lie, I need a break sometimes).  

So now for the fun stuff, 
I wish I could be all Oprahlike and give you all cars and shit- but I am working with what I got which means O'verlays and a pair pillow covers from my super awesome biz partner and seamstress Cheryle Rhuda.  She was super sweet and wanted to jump into this giveaway too.

Here is what is up for grabs.
  Choose one of the following NEW-( Not even on the website yet!!!) O'verlays packages 
and your choice of a pair of pillow covers.

Three winners will be chosen at random this Friday at noon.
Please leave a comment below with your choice of Overlays Package AND Pillow choice.
Extra entries if you tweet, FB or like, follow, etc. all that good stuff, you know the drill...

Package A:

2 Sets of our new "Pippa" Kits for Malm or Rast.

(Please specify if you want a pair of syle #1, #2 or #3 and  if you want MALM or RAST)
Style #1

Style #2

Style #3

Package B:

6 panels of the Double Greek Key panels for MALM or RAST
(Please specify MALM or RAST)

3 panels of the "Kate" Quatrefoil for RAST

(Please be sure to visit Cheryle's The whole Nine Yards Etsy Shop  
and check out all her other great pillows!)

Pillow A:
With Rust or White piping

 Pillow B:

 Pillow C:

 Pillow D:

 Pillow E:

Thank you all again!!!! You are the reason I do this!


Udpate, WINNERS:

I'm over here!

Come on over to Joss & Main and check out my latest collaboration with them.  It is all about bold color, fretwork with lots of crisp white- just in time for the start of summer.
 A big thank you to them for letting me participate in this sale.  This is my third event with them, and they have been so much fun to work with. 
 If you aren't a member yet, you really SHOULD be. They have such great deals!
You won't be sorry!


Happy weekend! 
I hope you are all experiencing "Its Spring and I have 50 Projects I want to Finish" disease like me. 
The prospect of lazy summer days, being able to sit outside and drink mojitos and is definitely such a motivator.  I get a big gusto this time of year to try to wrap up loose ends so I can steal away some time for upcoming beach days.

Some things that are inspiring my projects are below:

but even more so I love the room images used to show off the fabrics on their site.
Totally bold, funky with a retro flair- so my speed. 
 It is making me think of some great ideas for my sunporch:

And a few more of my favorite patterns/colorways:

I am also thinking about painting the floor like this...
and spraying an old trunk I have gold...

 and finally choosing a door color. Maybe this?

So many projects....

 I also wanted to tell I will be back over at Joss and Main this Sunday
 talking about color and O'verlays for an event they are doing.  
I will let you know when it is live.
I am off now to catch up some work
 and then I will be getting my Spring To-Do list ready.
What do you have planned?  Any good projects?

Hello, my name is Danika...

and I pick my neighbor's trash.  
I was gonna get all romantic about it, and try to put a pretty spin on it by naming this post "Roadside Attraction" or something cute- but lets be real. 
This is what I found today.  Check out the amazing lines on this baby:
I couldn't resist.  
She just needs new upholstery. I really like the cream pleather and I might just replace it with a faux cream ostrich.  There was also a great bergere chair across the street in need of some love, but I made a pact with myself and my husband that I will only hoard what I will use and love.
 In other news, its gonna be another unreal 80 degree day here. I am determined to get out later and finish cleaning these up...

 The porch floor is getting power washed, mosquito netting curtains getting washed ...
 as is all the furniture...
Also, Cheryle gets mad at me for always sneaking peeks (as do many of you because I sneak them a bit too far in advance and make you wait)- but whatever. I'm impatient.

This prototype came back. There are two more that are way cooler arriving tomorrow...
and these quatrefoils will be on the O'verlays site today or tomorrow.
Depends on if I actually blow off work and get sucked into the 80 degree vortex.
Please forgive me if I do.
Happy heatwave Northeast!


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