Dear IKEA PS Maskros,

I've been waiting so patiently...but this is just torture! COME ON AND GET IN THE STATES ALREADY!!!!
I really thought you'd be here by now. My electrician is installing lights next week, and its been months since I first laid eyes on you only to learn you were on the slow boat over here... what a tease! I actually considered driving to Canada for you, but that might make my husband think I truly am insane.

So I will keep waiting for you. You still have a spot on my ceiling. All I ask is that you look as beautiful as I've imagined and not like a cheap, crappy plastic light. OK? I know you will be loved by many, and I'll probably get so sick of seeing you every where, but I'll cross that path when it happens. Just get here already, pretty please.



Anonymous said...

im dying for it too!

Will said...

It's arrived! I just bought one this weekend at the Cincinnati IKEA store.


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