Jaime Hayon

This was suppose to be a quick post. I'm off to the new MGM Grand at Foxwoods for a night of debauchery (will post pics of any fabulous design I come across later this weekend) and thought I'd do a post on great casino design. In my search for images I came upon this image completely unrelated...

It is La Terraza del Casino Restaurant in Madrid Spain designed by Spanish artist/designer Jaime Hayon. I want to go here! It has a Dorothy Draperesque feel with its black and white floors, bold paneled doors and over scaled architectural features that border on surreal. Actually, if Dorothy Draper and Salvador Dali had a love child it would be Jaime Hayon. See his other designs below.

Even the bathroom is a work of art...

Speaking of bathrooms here are two examples of his designs. I love how he transforms basic fixtures into furniture that is sleek and delicate...

He also designs everything from shoes for Camper to collections for Lladro. His style is

Some more of his designs...

Giving new meaning to funky chicken, check out this rocker...

An installation for Bisazza...

Wallet Friendly Finds

I always forget about Urban Outfitters. Its on my list of favorites, but I always scan past it and think clothing and college gag gifts... which they have plenty of. I clicked on today to scour the home furnishing department and was pleasantly surprised by the number of budget friendly chic finds. You can easily update your house with these summer looks and not break the bank.

The Lulu Chair gives you a burst of color
and a great summer graphic to liven up your space. I'd paint the legs black or white.
This wicker poof measures 30" in diameter and is $88.
The navy Ikat Slipper chair is fresh and sophisticated. Can easily go dressy traditional
or beachy casual.

Love the Mimosa Table.

How fun!
This yellow poppy rug is so summery.
4x6 is $148

Wire Mesh stool comes in a few different fabric options and look like they be very easy to customize with your own fabric. Super versatile as an accent or coffee table by adding a tray or extra seating. Buy a bunch, they are only $48.

Clean and simple mid century throw back at mid century pricing.
On sale for $399!

Great Graphics!
Black & White Ikat 5x7 rug...
$29.99 !!??

Add some instant drama to a space. This black crystal chandelier measures 2 feet in diameter and is only $158.

Super Steal!
Both of these fixtures are only 29.99!

A queen sized velvet upholstered headboard for $300!

White Light Clock

A set of these Wellie Vases would make a great planter on a front porch.

Loved these. They just make me yearn for a clean, simple, decluttered desk. Oh how I wish I was an organized person. Sigh*

Stapler $28

Pencil Sharpener $8

And lastly a motto to live by...

Beach Day

Sorry, its way too nice to be inside! I'm loading the kids and the sand toys into the Radio Flyer and we are off to the beach!

Hope you have a gorgeous day!

Ingenious Idea!

I have been trying to figure out where and how I am going to hang my new lighting purchase (see previous post), and came across this fabulous idea... The Can Converter Kit

For around $40 you can take any recessed light and change it into a hanging or flushmount fixture, and supposedly its easy enough to do it yourself... we'll have to see about that. Great money saving idea, and ideal for renters that want to add some sparkle. (As long as your recessed lights are in a good spot.)

The before and after gallery on the site isn't that glamorous, but here is the basic idea...
I'll let you know how it goes.

Trying so hard to restrain myself...

images from atomicranchdinogal

I have found that as my taste changes one thing remains constant... my love of mid century modern design. Looking back I think it all started over my summer vacations as a kid. I'd watch a 2 hour block in the early morning of I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Brady Bunch and Leave It to Beaver before I'd venture out to play. The images of the neat, clean lined interiors with star burst mirrors and funky lamps left an impression in my heart.

Blending these pieces is always a challenge. Restraining myself from creating an entire room that feels super kitschy is difficult. Currently I am working on my sun porch. Its a total mess right now. I have a great starting point though which is a patio set that belonged to my grandparents. It just screams loungy-cocktail, which is the vibe I am going for since the porch is right off the pool and I celebrate summers in New England with almost as much enthusiasm as I do Christmas. (I freakin' love Christmas for those of you who don't know me.)

So this is the sofa...

There are also two more chairs, and I'm thinking of upholstering the whole group in these two fabrics I picked up on fabricguru, although I do love the turquoise vinyl.

Now for my ongoing struggle... I found this great spaghetti pendant lamp at a flea market at Todd's Farm in Rowley, MA. (Check out Julie Richard's fabulous design blog Shelter for more on the flea market . I met up with her there and she was
taking lots of photos to share!)

I fell in love immediately. As soon as I paid for my new purchase the internal dialogue began...

"This will look so great with the patio furniture!"

"See, you are doing it again. You are going to way over do it with the 50-60's look."

"But it looks so fun!"

"Just keep it simple, this isn't set design. You're not designing a time capsule."

And on and on... So now to incorporate these pieces with out it looking like an overdone mess.
I have put myself on a leash and will post pictures of the finished space when I'm done.
I welcome any suggestions!

Totally off the subject, but I had to share. I was going through my e-mails and came across the new addition to the Gap family...

I was hesitant to open it because 1) I really don't need to be shopping for more stuff at this moment and 2) I don't put that much thought into my workout clothes. Curiosity got the best of me and I am glad it did. They have some seriously cute stuff! Great motivation to get dressed and get moving, or just look good hanging out having a cup of coffee. Regardless, you won't have an excuse not to workout.

They carry everything from underwear to surfing gear... and its easy to shop because you can also browse by your specific sport. I also love that they carry tall sizes! Here are some of my finds that go from couch surfing to 5K...

Pilayo Warm Up Pant


Backspin Tennis Dress

I'm loving this skirt/capri combo...
goodbye sweatshirt tied around the waist!


I love this,
it makes me want to start running seriously.

Get Moving, Summer is Almost Here!


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