Smorgasbord for your peepers...

I am getting ready to enter the holiday abyss of turkey and stuffing for a few days, so I figured I'd leave you with a heap of some of my favorite rooms. Be back next week.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

I Lust...

This is hands down one of my favorite spreads Met Home has ever done. They went out with a bang. I just love everything about this space... colors, lighting, fabrics, accents... when can I move in?

Lucite "railing", chartreuse color blocking and a sputnik, I've died and gone to hallway heaven. I'd be high fiving too.

How great is that turquoise light bulb?

Metropolitian Home Dec 2009

Bust out your crystal ball, time for a COLOR forecast.

Oh, I love Color Forecasts. In this industry it is really easy to get over saturated with a pattern, design or color so you are always looking for something fresh and new. With interior color the transition takes some time. You need to slowly digest the new color... you start noticing it in fashion and advertising... then suddenly you just have to paint a room it and you don't know why. You are just loving it.
Forecasting is part guessing game, part trend watching and a whole lotta waiting to see who is right. I just read House Beautiful's report, and have to say I love the palette. I'll spare you the deep thoughts text and jump right to the pretty pictures (or colors)...

Lots of grey, greens and very happy to say teals and turquoises. (Even if they weren't included, it wouldn't stop my love for them.) Still on the fence with purple... I did grow up in the 80's and it just conjures up thoughts of Punky Brewster and unicorns. Sorry purple.
So, I want to know your thoughts on the next great color. Let the guessing game begin...

On a blue streak...

Love these canvases from Haus Interior. 8x8", $175 each. For those that are artistically inclined get on it and make some! Imagine the endless combinations and palattes... I need to go to the arts supply store NOW.

Blue Christmas?

I know its still a bit premature, but Christmas really is my favorite holiday. I made my son a construction paper countdown chain back in the end of September! (More for me them him I think.) I figured I'd ease in gently with my favorite color, turquoise. Still a fan of traditional reds and greens, but this could be fun. Isn't the mantle above just the balls! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) But isn't it?

Love that chandelier!

Canadian House and Home, Hooked on Houses

The Before & After Wing Backs

Remember these petite wing backs? They used to look like this...
I found them this summer at an estate sale and a client of mine used them for her new office. I had a few yards of a trellis leftover, enough to do the insides. The backs were done in a thick chocolate burlap with nickel nail heads.

(PS... I'm loving her new Lucite bauble lamp from Arteriors so much I just might have to get one... even though my house doesn't have room for another lamp.)

Her office had some challenges... a 7 x10' waiting room. I painted some horizontal stripes in a Champagne Gold to open it up a bit and reflect light. She scored these great cream leather chairs on Overstock. Gotta love the O.

And lots of florescent lights... so we added a chandelier over her desk and some lamps to detract from that.

(Deana in her new office)

You can't tell from the picture, but we added a glass top to the West Elm Parson's desk and put a Cole & Son gold paisley wallpaper underneath for some extra glam.

My Ikea Hack

First off what your about to see is not finished and the room is a complete MESS! But I'm so excited I figured I'd show you anyway...

This is still a work in progress, I will have completed pics at the end of the week. I'm really loving how this is coming out. These cabinets started out as basic maple IKEA Pax wardrobes with a brown stripe painted on them... see below..

( before)
Updated them with the left over fretwork panels I had from my sunporch project . I had panels of mirror cut to the same size as the panels, and then applied both to the doors. A carpenter made the frame surrounds and decorative panels below. Still need to add crown molding and knobs. They are going in the black guest room I've been working on for a client. (The O & L black Minaret paper is up so is the new chandelier, fabulous love love!)

Also, here is a peek at the other bedroom. Still need to hang drapes tomorrow, but headboard, some bedding and other goodies arrived so here's where its at.


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