Presto Change-o

YES! You can change your wallpaper without stripping it or hanging a new one!
 This is my entry now...
Here is it below an hour ago...

What do you do when you love your wallpaper pattern, but have grown tired of the color?

Head to your local paint store. Make sure they know magic.
Shaun Clarke; color extraordinaire, owner of Water's & Brown and one of the founders of C2 Paint got a challenge today. He is also my old boss so he kind of expects this kind of crazy stuff from me. 
I love Lulu DK's Chant pattern, but my color scheme is changing and I was done with red. I asked him what he could mix up for me to glaze over the wallpaper and "tint" it to the blue/ plum family. (My new living room scheme.) If he could pull this off he'd be a superhero because I really didn't want to strip this paper. He mixed up a pint of C2 Blackberry and we tested it on a piece of remnant paper I had. I liked what I saw and ran home.

I had a sitter today, so she became my assistant snapping how-to pics.  (Thanks Lindsey!)
I was so excited to do this I didn't change my clothes. I'm actually wearing a skirt and heeled boots.
I'm very impatient, when I get an idea I act.

So I mixed one part Open Time (a latex extender) with 3 parts paint, grabbed a high density small foam roller and went at it.
I had originally planned on taping out each panel, rolling and wiping off  tint (see 1st pic).
That quickly changed when I hit the big wall. All bets were off and it was drying too fast. I kind of liked the way the roller covered, so evenly so I wound up just rolling (and carefully making sure to feather out roller marks). See how fast I'm going? Where is my hand? FLYING! The whole project took an hour.

I did a light second coat to even it out and got a color a bit more indigo than planned, but I likey.
 This picture was taken right at sunset, so its a bit darker than it normal.

I hope to have the rest of the room for you this week.
Its school vacation week so I am home with the kids.
I am trying to suck them into this craziness, making it like a "fun" project.
I have one convinced so far.
Stay tuned.


Nest Studio said...

Wow Danika - you certainly are productive! And I can see that is not a new thing for you. Can't believe you went through so many iterations of your old pads. I'm impressed. Sometimes I think, if only I didn't have a day job.....or had insomnia....

jandjhome said...

Incredible. How you even thought of doing that is amazing. I love the reflection in the mirror. My niece and nephew just left my house, and there is stuff everywhere.

courteneykay said...

OMG, I loved the part where you were so excited that you jumped right in with your skirt and boots on. I am the same way. The wall looks good, I will have to keep this stored in my DIY files! can't wait to see the rest of the pics.

bluehydrangea said...

What??!! I didn't even know this was possible!! Love it!! And now it looks like a totally different room.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

The last picture is magical I loved how you tied everything in with the pops of fuchsia. The blue was definitely the way to go. I hate red! Except in lipstick.

Julie said...

How brilliant! This looks amazing, what a big transformation!


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