I'd like to thank the academy...

I've been nominated by the lovely Carrie of Hazardous Design for a Stylish Blogger Award and I'm totally flattered.  She is a relatively new blogger, and if you haven't checked out her blog yet you must! It chronicles her current fantastic renovation and I LOVE reno blogs. She is also a fellow New Englander.  Thank you Carrie!
OK, so now I have to tell you 7 things about lil' old me that you probably don't know...


1)I'm really tall... 5'11". I hated this growing up, and I never cashed in on by playing basketball or doing runway, but now I love the fact that I can paint a room (most of the time) with out a ladder.

2) I'm terribly clumsy. My husband's nickname for me is "Grace". 

3) I'm also pretty shy.  Man, can you just feel my awkwardness oozing off me? I think a lot of people might read my shyness as aloofness, but I'm not a bitch... just shy. I do warm up quick though. Just say "hello."
Funny thing is I used to be a overly outgoing and outspoken little kid. One day on the bus coming home from Kindergarten I got hit in the face with a lunchbox by a 10th grader that told me to "shut up". I think that was the start of my shyness. Never recovered.

4) Swearing is my yoga. I have a terrible trucker's mouth that I try to keep to myself, but its so therapeutically stress relieving. I also like to make up my own swear words, all of which I can't share with you here. Maybe some day after a few drinks.

5) I will try anything once. There really are few things I won't eat. My husband is not a tryer. My youngest has several food allergies- dairy, eggs, gluten, soy... while my oldest loves all the previous. Cooking in my house is challenging, to say the least.

6) I have terrible ADD (self diagnosed). Its bad because I have so many ideas that I want to do, and I usually will start several at once. My house looks like a bomb went off constantly. A lot of you ask how I do so many projects all time. Its because I have a husband and kids that need to coexist with me, and if I want to keep them I need to finish those projects so my house doesn't resemble an episode of "Hoarders" and DSS  doesn't come a knocking.  I basically now try not to start a new project until I finish an old one. It works and I get a ton done. I also drink obscene amounts of coffee.

7) I originally went to college for Biology, but dropped that once I learned about a 5 hour lab. I also had these declared majors... Communications & Psychology, before finding my niche as an Art major. My focus was actually Ceramics. 
When I moved to Boston in 98' I attended the Boston Architectural Center because I wanted to do more than just paint pretty things in a room. I went for 2 years and dropped out because I was having way more fun learning from the real world of design and I started my own business. I don't regret the decision.
And that is me in a nut shell.

Alrighty, so I'm passing to the torch to some lady bloggers that keep it real...
Bri from You, Me and a Weiner
Danielle from Fresh Quince
Amber from Amber Interiors
Hallie from The Glam Lamb
Heather from Love Your Space


Unknown said...

I right there with you in regards to swearing, people always tell me they never would have guessed I'd have such a terrible potty mouth but I can't help it! :) Oh and coffee is supposed to help add, so keep drinking (and finishing amazing projects!)

Karena said...

Danika congratulations!!! So good to know more about you!

I have a new giveaway up I think you will love…from The Zhush!

Art by Karena

Fran said...

Congrats!! You definitely deserve it!! So fun getting to know you!!!

Lisa Martinus said...

I'm sure you can curse in Czechoslovakian too! "Jingo Crockie" who knows if that's even real, but it feels good to yell out something. You are so creative, I can't imagine you as a scientist. Love your blog!

My Interior Life said...

Loved learning more about you! I'm a tall chick too (I'm only 5' 9 and half, though). Think I have ADD too, well at least design ADD.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I think we is related, I have ADD my house is destroyed because of it too and my mouth well lets just say you will never hear me curse in public but around family and at home it's pretty F*cking bad. I have to be careful with the destroyer though. For awhile his favorite word was "shit."

Congratulations!!! And thanks So much for the blog award! I really do appreciate everything! Hell yeah today has been a good day. Hope you is feeling better. Stuff your face with vitamin C & D but not to much or it will give you diarrhea.

Lily said...

Congrats on the nomination ! Cute picture of you and your son!!


Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...

Loved leanring about you and finding your blog! I found it via hazardous design! Congrats on the award!!

Live Breathe Decor said...

I just came across from Blue Hydrangea, I love your blog! Conrats on the award, it's great reading the little-known facts about you! I'd love you tovisit my blog sometime! x Naomi


pimp my bricks said...

Always good to hear of someone else who swears like a trouper.

And the ceramics is interesting - I just started to learn how to throw pots. Now I appreciate how bloody hard it is and have infinite admiration for those who have conquered it.

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Congratulations first and thanks so much for passing it onto me! So sorry it has taken me awhile to respond...as I said in my e-mail I'm pretty sick and am being nursed by my dear in-laws. Just what they wanted when they visited...a sick person to take care of! Also we must somehow be related, but I got the short genes ;). And your comment #3 made me so sad that I almost started crying...how dare that nasty 10th grader do that to a little girl! Man if someone did that to Charlie...mother bear would unleash her terror. I really am sorry that you had that happen to you and I totally know how certain actions and things people say can change your life. I always try and tell my little man that when someone is mean that they must feel very sad about life, so don't ever take it personal. Ok, obviously this has struck a chord with me. I'll stop here! Seriously thanks Danika for sharing about yourself and the award!!!


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