Painting my heart out...

I lost the battle of the pink kitchen.  SO watch out house, you are getting heavily infused with pink punches.  This is the current state of my entrance foyer...

Here it was at 5:30 this morning... blue.

I have actually been wanting to do a overscaled De Gournay-esque wall for a while.  I woke up ready.
I painted right over my wallpaper...
Made a little sketch...

and had at it...

At the rate I'm going I should be done tomorrow.
I'll clean it all up and make it pretty for you.

Oh, and how do you like my new dining room chairs I painted white and reupholstered yesterday?

"I HAD a pink kitchen." or "Testosterone, you need to chill.""

Being the only woman in a house of men SUCKS sometimes. 
Example A:
my newly pale pink kitchen with yellow and orange happiness-*heartsandrainbows*
makes me happy & want to stay in here and cook scrumptious meals filled with love...

According to the testosterone in the house its *daggersintheeyeballs*

Look at the sadness to left now of paint swatches and crap. BOO, testoterone, BOO!

As promised...

O'verlays finally has a Greek Key.
Here it is all done up.  First we have the small wee key. Its a hair under 2", but it packs a punch.  Check out this IKEA LACK hack...

We are will be selling this pattern by the foot,
(looks so good on Parsons style furniture, under crown molding,
around doorways and framing mirror)
or in a kit for the LACK side table shown above.
The kit contains 12 precut pieces... 8 for the legs and 4 for the apron, as well as adhesive tabs.

Next up is the BIG key for drawer fronts.
On the MALM, 7"x 30"...
(I need to get some more MALMs,
if my nightstand could talk it would say "what are you doing to me woman?")

and painted silver on the RAST, 7" x 22.5"...

we flipped the middle drawer to show you it's reversible if you want to mix it up.
Those big 20" squares are ready too. They are compatible with IKEA BESTA.
sorry, ran out of time and couldn't get a hack to show you... try to use your imagination here...

They can be used for tiling walls, privacy screens
 and they also give boring flat paneled doors some oomph...

Get them HERE!
The grand opening sale ends August 1st!

I'm off to declutter my house and get ready for a yard sale tomorrow.
Have a fabtastic weekend!

Never Ending Story and some Good News

Finally picked a color for my kitchen, against the male judgement in my house. C2-Mod, a light lilac/pink number. Its getting balanced with lots of charcoal and browns and orange. I compromised. My husband hated my big limed oak table. Said it was gross because the kids constantly trashed it, and all their food stuck in the grain. He was right in the practical sense (what is that?), so I switched the DOCKSTA back in for him and I picked the color. I'm a girl and I'm the primary kitchen slave. I need to be happy. So here it is in the beginning stage...

(ignore the hot mess throught the door, that is getting a mini-lift this weekend)

In other news.... guess what is going on O'verlays later tonight?
Big ass 20" squares and....
you all have been so patient... (thank you)... BIG ASS greek key..

and some wee key too...

("I might be tiny and only 2" tall, but watch what I can do!")
Check back tomorrow for the done-did ups, good stuffs.
I'm a painting fiend right now, off to stick stuff on a RAST.

Comment ce dit "cabana" ?

I've decided to dedicate this week to outdoor living spaces. 
I have had this cabana saved in my image file for quite some time. I can't remember the site it came from, just that it was a vacation rental site and this cabana is located in France somewhere. Not too shabby. 

My favorite thing about this cabana, besides that its somewhere along the French countryside, is the grass roof (inside needs a better rug and some zhushing). 
Makes me want some champagne with a drink umbrella. 

Up my Alley

I'm a  huge fan of outdoor rooms, and this courtyard by Paul Hopper completely does it for me...
Love the Zara hanging chair and the cozy, nestled feel all the plants bring...

Winner of $100 Joss & Main Giveaway is...

(Joe pulled the name for me)
Congrats Em! Please contact me for details and Happy Monday!
And a big Thank You to Joss & Main and all you guys for playing!

My Lamest Post Yet- Hot as Falafel Balls...

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Its been too damn hot, as most of you all are aware of, and we have no AC.  So I've been a big hot mess, literally. 
And my husband LOVES this heat, so every time I bitch I get no sympathy.  So in my attempt to stay cool, sane and out of the kitchen I've concocted my own lazy Betty Crocker staples.  Besides frozen smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner this is what else I'm surviving on... 

Toss a few falafel balls on a plate. Zap for 20 seconds. Top with some cold Tzatziki. Done.

Who has the energy to muddle limes and mint. Just dump these together with ice in the proportions that fit your pain.
The Lazy Mojito...
Anyone else have some beat the heat lazy ideas to share?
AND don't forget to enter my $100 Joss & Main giveaway over here, I'm naming names Monday morning!
Look at what you could be getting...

OH! And I almost forgot to tell you... the new Oval Pattern O'livia is up and on sale over at O'verlays...

She done me proud...

I knew when I shipped O'verlays to Bri over at Me, You and a Wiener she would make something spectacular.  She is after all, IMO, the "Queen of Hacking".  So when I saw, this I was beyond excited...

She used the 5"x19" Danikas on this dresser and performed a magical facelift!
I had a serious proud parent moment.  Cheryle and I are so pumped to see the O'verlays in action.  I love seeing how they are getting used, the colors and applications... just when I think I couldn't imagine another combination... BOOM, and there it is...

Now go hop over and see how Bri did this and tell her she rocks!

Do you have a before and after O'verlays project? We want to see it!

Monday is always better with a $100 Giveaway!

Its Monday, and what better way to start the week than with a giveaway. I'm thrilled that  Joss & Main, the new exclusive sale site from CSN Stores, is offering one of my readers a $100 shopping spree.
They focus on high end home goods and gifts, with everything from traditional to modern décor and many premium brands offered at discounts from 25% to 70%. New sales launch daily, but last for only 72 hours.
Just take a look at goodies coming up this week...

Are you looking for that one item to finish a room? Or maybe the one piece to jump start your inspiration? They have so many great items to choose from

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The OVALS are coming!

Thats what a new pattern, 2 mojitos and natural born awkwardness looks like folks. Sexy, I know. You should have seen the shots where I vogued with them, if only they hadn't blurred.
My husband is a lucky man.

So YEAH! O'verlays has a new pattern about to launch!
Wanted to share it with you here first... meet our little oval bundle... 
She'll be showing up on O'verlays early next week in the standard sizes to fit Malm, Rast and some others.  I am trying to decide if I like overlapping or non overlapping better for larger panels...

Which do you prefer? Heck, I can do them both if you want. 
Greek Key is up next and then some Pagodas.  I'm  SO excited about these new babies!
Can't wait to share them with you soon.
I'm off to play with prototypes and drink my mojito face off.\
Happy weekend!

Beni, Sock Test, Cheryle's Butt and Power Tools

My Homemade Beni Ourain Rug is done for now (see how to here).  Its summer and hot, and I have ADD, so I went with a partial criss cross design. I'll do it up more if I get the urge come fall, but I kind of like it open ended.  I did some rug swapery and threw it in my living room.  I'll take better pictures once I fix this room up.  Now all I see is a stark white coffee table begging to be painted peacock blue or something...
So here is the update on Rit Dye with a sock test.  Before...
So I dragged my feet up and down the stripes and got this...

Not too bad. Similar to a new pair of dark jeans on a white chair. I think the fact that I watered the dye down helped a lot.

So then Cheryle showed up in white shorts and I made her sit all over the rug.
All in the name of blogging.  Her shorts looked great and she refused to let me take an ass shot.

So to recap... Rit Dye + shaggy wool rug= Beni Ourain on the cheap. A Flokati rug would work too.
I'd love to do color blocks for a Boucherouite look next. That won't be any time soon. The DIY bug has almost left the building and the beach is calling.

My kids want to make skimboards and found a tutorial on YouTube, so that will be next...but first Cheryle and I have to whip up a sunburst mirror for one of her clients.

We played with power tools, one of my favorite things to do. 
(In the basement of WAY too much crap)
Making another one of these from old fence pickets... see how here.

Its going in a pool house, fancy, I know.
I'll post pics once its up.

Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!


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