Painting like a hurricane...

I have been painting like a crazy person all weekend trying to get all my pieces done for the Furniture Bank event this Thursday.  I spray painted many brain cells away this weekend, literally... I have been slightly speech impaired saying Freudian slips like "this is going to be 'momental'" instead of 'momentous'.  My husband just snickered and said to my kids "yes, mom is mental". 

So here are some sneak peaks of before and 
"almost" afters of some of the pieces going in the room I am doing.
I will be posting the final room Friday.

The Agate Cube Table in progress.
Originally a 80's maple veneer table, 
its getting its base gilded and turning into a giant nugget of craziness:
 A lovely grey formica top office table with black based gets glossed and golden with some Greek Key O'verlays (pssst... we are running a sale until Halloween!)
Some pleather tan and hunter green piped wing backs got the royal paint treatment and a stencil up their backs and down their cushions.
I am still dying over the fact that they make a spray paint for vinyl! 
And it really works. 
It is awesome. Get it at Autozone.  
(They are in the process of a brand change from Rustoleum,
 but you can find it in their spray paint section.)

And a boring white shelf gets paint, paper and legs.

I have a bunch of other stuff to finish, but I will have agate how to's as well as a boatload of other stuff to share.  If you are near Boston please come out Thursday night to say hello and see the finished room. Its for a good cause, learn more here.

To all my East Coast folks, please stay safe during Sandy.  It is crazy here.  A bit unnerving watching the hype, and I just walked down the street and got splashed with this.  
Still not near high tide, but pretty cool! All schools in Massachusetts are closed today, & we are hunkered down, fireplace lit.  
I plan on gaining 5 lbs. since all I have been doing is EATING!  

Be safe!


I have gotta say, ten years ago I thought I'd be freaking out and feeling all old and sorry for myself about turning 38.  I have to say "getting old" pretty much rocks.
Yes, I have more sag and wrinkles- but I have way more confidence than I did in my twenties.  I am amazed by how much more "I don't give a fuck" I have gained since 35! 
And I can't believe I am saying this, but I can't wait until 40.

I can go on here, but in a nut shell I was a shy awkward teenager.  I hated the teen years! I became more outgoing in my 20's, but I was so self conscious- always worried about what others thought, and I was pretty selfish too.  I think the 30's are mellowing me, mostly by having kids.  It becomes more about them, less about you.
And I have found my voice, and I am not AS scared to use it these days.
I still have my insecurities, I am still way too sensitive in many ways,
but I am much happier in my skin than I was 10/ 20 years ago.
I am grasping that whole "you only get one spin on this ride called life" thing more everyday,
so I have been trying to enjoy the ride more.
Today is like every other day, except it just happens to be my birthday.  
I also share this day with my niece and grandmother, 
and I think sharing a birthday is one of the coolest things ever.

 I see this day more as a "New Years Day" kinda thing. 
I like to look back and reflect, see what I want to do or change in the next year, 
and eat some cake and drink champagne wine or mojitos.

I woke up to coffee and some nice gifts from my husband (a new journal for reflecting and a getaway weekend to "our spot" in a few weeks). 
I also got some pretty cool presents from my kids:
Handmade cards, a new paint tray ("you like to paint things mom"- yes, yes I do.), "customized" bottle caps and rocks  and some re-gifted toys and markers.
Love it!

I am a lucky girl, and I wouldn't trade a thing.
38 is looking good.


new to me eye candy

Its about time I post some pretty shit around here! 

I just discovered Suellen Gregory's work thanks to Camila's recent post
and I am all like "where the heck have I been?" 
I have seen some of these images before but I had no idea they were all done by  the same designer.  

What I am loving about her style is her mixmaster versatility, 
she can do crazy eclectic or restrained pretty traditional with such ease!

Take a look-see and fall in love:

See and learn more about her 

Happy Friday!!!

Join me for a good cause...

If you are in the Boston area, please come on out to a fundraiser to support the 
on Thursday November 1st.

The North Shore Association of Realtors has partnered with the Coalition to create a fun evening event that will include food and drinks and a one hour "furniture challenge" where 3 design groups 
(including yours truly) will be creating a room out of items from the Furniture Bank.
There will also be many custom redesigned pieces up for raffle.  

Designers participating include Paula Gaull of New Leaf Redesign
AJ Jaffe of Pure and simple HOME,  
Julie Richard of Shelter Interior Design, and Phyllis Tracy of Phyllis Tracy Interiors.

This event is to raise funds and awareness for the Furniture Bank
which collects your used or unwanted furniture and household items 
to be given to families and people transitioning out of homelessness into permanent housing.  
It is a brilliant cause that helps create the feeling of home, something many of us take for granted.

"The Furniture Bank works very similarly to the food bank concept.  It solicits donations of beds, couches, chairs, tables, and other household essentials; picks them up at no charge to the donor; and distributes them free of cost to those in need.  The Coalition’s Furniture Bank is one of the largest programs of its kind in the nation and in Massachusetts.  The program operates from its 40,000 square foot warehouse 20 minutes outside of metropolitan Boston.  During the year, on average over $3.5 million dollars worth of furniture and household goods are collected and distributed to thousands of households making the transition out of homelessness.  "

So here are the details:

What: An Inspiring Repurposed Furniture Challenge & Reception
When:  Thursday, November 1st  5-7:30 p.m.
Where:  Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless Furniture Bank Warehouse
15 Bubier Street, Lynn MA
How: Event Tickets available here for $20
(all proceeds go to the Furniture Bank)

How else can you help?

Please come out and say hello!  I would love to meet you. 
I'll be busy over the next week and a half painting and transforming this lot of furniture 
into a (hopefully) fabulous "mystery" room...

stay tuned!

Long Weekend Happpenings

I finally took the plunge and went back to my roots today.  Blonde is gone (for now).
It is gonna take some getting used to.  My kids want their mom back. Blonde mom.

What completely freaked me out is how much my sister and and I look alike now.
here is KK:

My friend Grant is an amazing hairdresser and we had fun de-blonding.
First my hair had to be "filled", which means I was Ronald McDonald red for a bit.  
My husband left at his point a bit terrified:

 Then I rocked the unicorn...
and finally the brown went on while and I did my phone biz 
like a 80's shoulder padded bi-atch in panty hose and sneakers!
"what you need?... I'm on that! Just talk louder cause I don't want to get dye on my phone."

And then there was brunette.

Besides that, we had fire season begin on Saturday accompanied by lots of deep thoughts:

...and a massive let down.  
My husband and I bailed Sunday morning on this:
We have done it a couple years now, 
but I have been so busy with work I just wasn't able to train like I should have. 
f-u work and your time consuming powers!  
I have yet to complete my Agate Wall for you folks because of it.

Part of me still wanted to do it to see if I could, but my better judgement (aka my husband) talked me down and made me realize I don't need an injury right now.

I also realized these guys are getting way too big:

 I have been informed that I am making them these costumes for Halloween.
Ninjago and Beyblades. With weapons.

ugh, and I refuse to let my 7 year old out of the house in a half shirt...

anyone else have Beyblade issues?

and don't get me started on the anime eyes...

Hob Knobbing part 2

Just a quick follow up to my post about super cheap knobs from IKEA.  
I did the handle hack last time, and I finally did something with coordinating knobs...

they got all sparkly!

I needed knobs for a Rast dresser I just finished and decided to use the 
6 pack of SATTA knobs (only $1.99 a 6 pack!). 

This whole shebang takes less than 2 minutes a knob.

You'll also need glue, 3/4" plastic rhinestones from a craft store and a gold paint pen:

draw a circle on the face of the knob and add a drop of glue to the center...

 stick on the the rhinestone. 
let dry.

stick it on something. that is it...
 isn't she pretty?


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