Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long time no Blog=Overdue Eye Candy=Optical Cavities

=Holes in Your Head= Sucky Long Title. 
Hey everybody! Sorry for the dead air.  Between "back to school" (yay!), Hurrican Irene, lack of sewing machine to complete my magical project/ living room and the shear awesomeness/headache of owning your own biz I kept finding myself starting a post, realizing it sucks
 and/or deleting/ forgetting about it .
So I spared you. With dead air. Sorry.  Bitch slaps please.

BUT... I have some  lots of eye dazzlingness for you.  A couple of young  Dallas based hot stuffs designers that I have been wanting to blog about for a while now.  Meet Farrow & Cobb, or as they are known as  Morgan Forrow and Brittany Cobb.  Super cute, stylish and got it going on ladies ...

(Brittany and Morgan)

I love their eclectic mix of styles, how they combine high and low for a seamless knockout result.
  Let the picures do the talking...

See more here and here and here, cause they are serious hot tickets. Serious.

And I promise I will be a better blogger.  Thanks for all the checking in, I feel the love!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Price Check and Thanks!

Hey everyone! I just want to give a big THANK YOU shout out to Joss & Main.  They have been so great to work with during my Curator Sale, and I hope you all have enjoyed it. But its not over yet! There are still lots of great things to be had.
Also, there was a little price glitch with the O'verlays fretwork panels in my Joss & Main Event, but its all fixed now.  First off, the pricing is per PAIR.  And secondly they are $32.95 per pair, which means they are less than $16.50 a piece- great deal! So if you have been wanting some, but holding out for a sale, this is it! Quantities are limited, so get them while they last! Sale ends Friday!

Keeping it real: House Tour & some Foils

I decided to do a real life segment.  Nothing staged up all perfect, just real life and a cool space.
I have friends that bought a house, gutted it, and redid it almost completely by themselves.  I had to share it because I am so completely impressed with their skills.  They used basic materials that are affordable and readily available and thought outside the box. 

Meet the adorable and talented power team that is Grant & Becca...

They bought this a few years back, and I know at several points they felt like they wish that they hadn't.  It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears...

It all eventually got finished, and now it is super awesome...

I love the fact that they did this themselves and that they took everyday materials and utilized them to add character and a funky modern edge.  Like the use of three different types of siding.
It gives the exterior a more streamline and hip feel...

I have known these guys since pre-kids.  We now each have 2.  Grant is also my hairdresser.  This happens a lot during play dates.  Blondness...
(OK, so my roots aren't keeping it real)
Grant and Becca were nice enough to let me share some interior shots, even though our kids had ransacked the house.  Just ignore the sippy cups and toys.

My favorite part of their house is their kitchen.  They used IKEA cabinets a few different colors and styles to create a more custom look, and did a great job mixing high with low.
They got this old soapstone sink for a song.  Someone was throwing it out. It was in a basement and they basically just had to pay $350 to have it moved.  And look how much character it adds...

They used dark oak for the island cabinets and white ones along the walls...
And one of my favorite tricks was using the flooring to panel the eating side of the island...
Another IKEA trick, mounting a metal cabinet in an under utilized corner to create a bar...

And the entire first floor is open so the kids have a ball and stay within view...
Thanks Becca & Grant for sharing.  You get big belly fives...

(Our sons get all Milli Vanilli stomach slamming when they hang out.
These pics are almost 2 years apart, but they never fail. Its like their secret handshake...)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happening soon...

I am so excited about this! Be sure to check back at 11:00 for the start of my curated sale at Joss & Main.  It focuses on the eclectic mix of Palm Beach style.  Bold color and pattern, nods to vintage modern and chinoiserie and lots of fretwork. 
 Thats right, fretwork! Joss & Main has integrated O'verlays into the sale, and will be offering up great simple pieces of furniture that they can be integrated with. 
And if you aren't a Joss & Main member yet, here is your invite to join.
Come back in at 11:00!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Plain and Simple

As a self proclaimed pillow whore, I have to say I like the lone pillow.
My husband is reading this somewhere and laughing.
I know he usually feels like this...
Happy Weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

On my Mind...

I am slightly obsessed with this Patrick Mavros cuff. 
Besides wanting it on my arm I think it would rock translated into some fab household accessory... mirror frame, drumshade, console base...
There is plenty of gold croc leather/pleather available, but I need some of this chunky texture.
And its not that easy to come by.
SO if anyone skilled in metal crafting magic is reading, I'm telling you...
gold mine.

Where did it go?

I had to face the harsh reality that summer is fading here in New England. We had a pretty decent thunderstorm today, and it brought down a lot of branches and leaves- yellow and pale orange leaves, the fall kind. I was like, REALLY?

ANywhos, it got me resolving and making notes for next year....

-More beach, more beach, more beach.

-I suck at watering consistently, so hanging plants need to be exposed to the elements (like rain) and not on a covered porch.

-Speaking of plants lettuce, snow peas and strawberries grow like weeds for me. Repeat next year.
Zucchini and squash hate me, they are not invites back.

-Build a patio.

Here it is for those that don't like words...

And by more beach, hopefully not this kind...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Save the Date!!!

Tuesday August 23rd...

with little old me.

Seriously. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be participating in the next Joss & Main Curator's Collection!  It has so much fun pulling the look together.  There are so many great items in this sale...
Since my focus is usually heavy on color, pattern, fretwork and vintage I looked to Palm Beach as my inspiration.  It is my favorite style hands down, and I love how it mixes opposites to create a classic but funky look.  Its colorful, cheerful and fresh.

AND we are adding some O'verlays fretwork panels to the sale. 

We will be including a limited number of our top 5 sellers at great prices, so be sure to check it out!

  Check back for more info and be sure to  sign up with Joss & Main if you aren't a member already.  Just click HERE on my invitation link and start shopping for some amazing deals.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off the fence

The noncommital commited to something finally.  I just bought a bunch of this fabric from for the redic price of $5.98 a yard.  It will be getting railroaded and made into Missoni-esque drapes for my living room. (Unless it looks super cool vertical).  I'm painting the LR white this weekend.  I have the teal credenza and the yellow DeGournay mural in here.  I want to take the sweetness out of it a bit and add some funk. I bought a couple yards of a few other fabrics for accent pillows. And I can't even feel that bad because my entire order for 7 different fabrics was under $100. 
 The main point here though is I finally bought something.   Now I just need to wait for its arrival.
Seriously though, head over and check out the fabrics.  Some serious steals.

Monday, August 15, 2011

O'verlays on TV!?!

Holy Crazy Stuff! I'm at a serious loss for words. This past month has been a whirlwind and a blur since starting O'verlays and we have gotten such an amazing response from all of you. The design blog community has been such a driving force in our success, and we have all of you to thank.
  Danielle Oakey posted us back in the beginning of July and she was asked to do a feature on O'verlays by her local television station KLS Studio 5.  It aired today, and I feel like a proud mother watching their kid on TV. I'm all in "What? Pinch me!" mode. 
Click to video to watch. Danielle did such an amazing job and was so calm and collected. (I, on the other hand, was an excited nervous wreck just watching.)
BIG thank yous to Danielle Oakey and Studio 5 for making us look good!   

For all you lovers of the brass lamp shade...

So many of you liked my brass lamp shade/ lamp combo that I thought of you all when I spied this the other day.  I REALLY love this brass pendant from Robert Abbey over at CSN, and was excited to see it in so many combinations...

But for those of you that don't love the brass, it also comes in polished nickel...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In case you've been hanging out under the same rock as me...

I'm a bit behind in my mag and blog reading these days, so if you have already (most likely) seen this just move along.  I had to post this because I *superheart* it.  Eyecandy + one of my fave color combos (yellow, coral and turquoise). Mona Ross Berman, you rock girl...

September House Beautiful


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