I have been busy freshening up the painted Ikat Chevron in the entry.  It needed to be brightened...

 Added some greens and pinked up the lavenders.
More spring, Less winter.


The bathroom wall has a coat of primer, and Madame Butterfly is moving in shortly.

A little favor...

(I told you I'd paint anything- including myself...)
I hate to ask... and this is extra awkward for me-
hence I'd make a sucky politician.  
But I would love for you to give me your vote.

I have been informed I am on the roster of Apartment Therapy's Homie Awards, 

If you could be so kind as to click on either of the links above and give Gorgeous Shiny Things a vote I will be oh so happy.
I will continue to try my best to inspire, paint crazy shit, paint my kids, and maybe even do something extra special like this for you...
or probably not because that dude scares me.

Thanks a bunch load!


Pretty, Bold and Clever

Here is some Pretty...
(dying over that light fixture)

Graphic art!

 and Clever...

(Two sided vanity)
(So very cool)

stuff to start the week with.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  
Kids are back to school and I am a happy Momma.


???? and the traveling art/lamps

I'm stuck folks.  I have been sporadically painting and rearranging between working and the kids being home all week. Spring fever. I started a stencil in my bathroom earlier this week that I have yet to finish because as soon as I started I saw the Designers Guild crazy gorgeous Madame Butterfly paper from my last post and can really see that in here with a white linen roman and banding. Run on sentence, sorry.

Here is the space...

+ this maybe

Should I attempt to paint something like the above??????

I had originally wanted to get some yardage to do some pillows in my living room, but now I just don't know.  This is where I hate design and the prettiness overload on my brain. 
So for now the bathroom is dormant.

SO in other areas, we had the house reappraised yesterday to do a re-fi since we decided to stay in "el rancho".  Let me tell you, there is nothing like an appraisal to get your ass in gear and your house spotless. I spent all yesterday cleaning, rearranging, etc.  In the process I found some old treasures.

My Genie Lamps came up from the basement and into my bedroom...

I had forgotten all about a pair of pretty crystal candlesticks I had too. Need shades.

I am ALMOST done with the family room!

I moved some art around.
"Big Pink" came out of my office and over the fireplace, the black round mirror moved to the entry...

(hello, pig butt)

I still need to schnazzle up the bar a bit...

 and my lotus candle holders I got from Sissy's Blue Hudrangea Bazaar now have a place on the buffet...

and that is all I can show you because my camera died.  

So tell me now, do I paint craziness in the bath or go the safe and geometric route?
My weekend is in your hands.


Spring and it's effects on me

I reallllllly want this...
I saw this over on Heather Bullard's FB page yesterday and have been daydreaming of pretty little herb beds wrapped in wattle.  It also has me itching for spring!

Love these beds too...

I have been scouring the internet for places to buy such panels, but it seems the UK is the only one onboard.  
I found a how to here, but I really don't have the time, patience or access to enough branches on my property. 
 Anyone have a good source for wattle panels?

On the home front, it is school vacation week.  Both kids have been fighting a lovely cold that has led to a cough, and now it has landed in their ears. Boo.  

So to keep myself sane I have made them little beds on the couches, got ON DEMAND going with movies and I am in spring cleaning mode.   I am painting and rearranging everything!

Here are a few projects I have going...

The big bamboozle is finally getting its day to shine and is going green...

It is now the center of attention in the family room.  Sadly, anything with a TV on it is the center of attention in our house...

It is huge, like 8' long and fits a lot of crap.

And the entry is getting zhushed up.

Pretty french table going dark, and some art and lighting is about to change...

All because I am trapped in the house and hut happy for spring.

I hope to have some afters for you by Friday.


Where I've been...

Hello!  I am back from a unexpected little blog break due to some unexpected R&R.  Remember my Valentines date last week?  Well my husband and I managed to skip town and shoot up to Portland, Maine for a couple nights.  (I have an awesome niece that happened to have a break in her work schedule and could watch the kids- Thanks Ash!) 

We had a great time!  
First off, as any of you with kids know, grown up conversations are far and few and very interrupted .  
Mr. G.S.T. with ice cream

We got to have full conversations!  We wandered the city, drank too much and caught up on much needed sleep and a movie- although Extremely Loud and Uncomfortably Close isn't a great date movie- (bawled my f-ing eyes out and looked like a raccoon that got punched in the face.  It also made us miss the kids and worry about what would happen if we died.)  But back to the fun shit...

So while wandering the city I found some great little nuggets.  I wasn't planning on doing a blog post about it, so excuse the camera phone pictures.  First off, we stayed in the Old Port section of the city which is super charming and quaint. 

 Lots of bricks and cobbles and you can smell the ocean.  Good stuff.  

It is also jam packed with great little shops and restaurants. 
 Since I am a color freak, Company C made my day.  Their line of customizable lamps immediately caught my eye.  

Chose from 5 bases, and 35 colors- the combos are endless. I love the glossy color inside the shades. 
Their shop is exploding with happy color. They have their own line of rugs, furniture, fabrics and accessories....

 They also have locations in Concord, NH and Hingham, MA.

I also loved Nicola's.

I got some ideas for my dream bath.  This chandelier over a big tub...

These barrel bottom mirrors over the vanity...
flanked by these extendable sconces...

And then there is Furniturea...

It has the clean lines of Ikea with a rural twist, but is made to last.  They have several pieces from tables to bed frames that you can scale to your liking and have finished in over 24 colors.
I of course started envisioning O'verlays on everything.  My husband just rolled his eyes.
Speaking of which, I need to mention that Centsational Girl did her magic on a pedastle table using our Lolita strip painted gold...

and she is doing an O'verlays giveaway that starts today.  
Hop over for your chance to snag one of 2 $75 gift certificates as well as a coupon code!

OK, and now back to our regularly scheduled program.

I am going to end my whirlwind Portland tour with my favorite eating spot.
You must go there if in Rome.
Their weekend brunch kicks ass.  

The rest of the week was filled with catching up on work, Cheryle almost cutting her thumb off while packing O'verlays (if your package looks stupid, its because I am now in charge of that for the week), a visit from my Mom, sister and her kids, eating a big turkey dinner and then getting visited by this the next morning (they are messing with me, I know it)...

feeding turkeys (besides corn they also like Chex, cinnamon toast and CHICKEN in case you were wondering)...
 and backseat dance parties with cousin Spiderman....
Party Rockers was written for 4 year olds.

Glad to be back my peoples!

The Pink Eye

I know I am being terribly unoriginal here, 
but I made you a Valentine's Montage of my favorite pinkness (and some redness too).

Hope your day is filled with hearts, happy sappy things and hopefully some lovin'!

Peace out lovers! Off to primp. I got me a hot date tonight!


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