New Fave

While doing some client research recently I came across this lovely at West Elm.  I'm sure its been around for a bit, but my catalog reading is right up there with my magazine reading... non-existent.  Hoping for a little down time soon to catch up. 

The Kite Kilim Rug... isn't it dreamy???

Donations Still Needed!

Recycle For Hunger, the new thrift store in Peabody, MA for St. Joseph's Food Pantry, is almost open.  (Well actually it sort of is... the doors are open and they are taking donations and if you happen to spot something you like they'd gladly sell it to you.)  I stopped in today and was so excited to see that it is filling up. 
They still REALLY need donations though and will gladly pick up.  They have a box truck so large pieces of furniture are no problem.  So please pass this along to anyone around the Boston area that has unwanted furniture, electronics, clothing or linens or enjoys thrift stores.  Actually, regardless of where you live, just donate your unwanted stuff to a good cause.  It will either be sold and the proceeds will go to the foundation or it will be given to someone that really could use it.  And its green people!
 Recycle for Hunger is located at 26 Howley St., Peabody, MA. 
 Call 978-854-5282 to schedule a pick up or for directions.
 Here are some pics of some items available...

cute slipper chair
almost bought the white milk glass lamp
lots of tables

"Holy Albino Peacock On Steroids!"

Or maybe just a ginormous dandelion. After obsessing over the PS Maskros for like ever I finally caved and did it. My niece just returned from an internship with IKEA in Sweden and convinced me. (She also brought me some great shelter mags too, and when I get minute to read them I will post.)
Yes it is HUGE, and yes I'm not even sure it looks right in the space but I'm kind of in blind awe right now. All I know is it really is the most fabulous thing you can buy for under a hundred bucks. AND I hung it and wired it myself and I'm still alive to do a happy dance.

I made sure to wear my ugliest dress for you guys. Seriously, it was HOT yesterday... especially up by the ceiling.

Highly recommend one!
Oh, I think my blog is fixed... I think.

Kinda in Blogland Hell

I have problems people. Ever since I bought a Droid and attempted blogging from it my blog is totally screwed up. I haven't been able to fix it either. I can only post from the old editor and even that is difficult because everything is in code. It is looking like I just might have to sadly scrap my blog and start fresh.
I am attempting a post, and it has taken me a while just to get to this point. I have so many updates to share with you, so I am a bit frustrated. If this has happened to anyone before and you managed to fix it PLEASE email me.

I have been going through my old pictures and came across pictures of our house from last summer before we bought it. I didn't want to post much new stuff until I was done, but these pictures made me feel much better about our progress. It is amazing what paint can do. Our house was SOOOOOO DARK before. We also ripped out all the old overgrown landscaping and started fresh (very glad because it was a spider farm before.)

We are still in the process of landscaping and adding a driveway to the side of the house so excuse the mess. There will also eventually be new windows and some changes to the roof.

P.S.- I bought the PS Maskros light and will be installing (myself) today or tomorrow. Hopefully I will live to tell.

Some Homegoods Goodness

Found these pillows at Homegoods yesterday and I am just smitten with the colors. So bright and summery. They just might end up in my living room, we'll see.

Sorry for the lack of posts. The past two weeks have been FULL, to say the least. This next week isn't going to be much better. I will be traveling to NY for a few days and I will try to post from my phone. I haven't had much luck yet posting pictures, does anyone know how to do that from a Droid? My app keeps telling me I have a "broken pipe" and I haven't a clue what that means. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

testing testing

finally got a "smartphone"  and i am just testing to see if i can actually post from it. bear with me, i am a techtard.


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