Another fixture to add to my light fetish file... the Comet Pendant light from Horchow . Speaking of my light fetish, check out these pineapple lamps I picked up at a yard sale this weekend for $10. I thought they were a set because one was slightly wrapped up, but to my surprise I now have two different pineapple lamps. They need to be re-wired, but I think they will be great.

I just adore these iron wall sculptures from Plantation. Maybe I'll try my hand at recreating them with some wooden skewers, foam 1/2 balls and some spray paint when I get a creative energy burst. Add it to the project list!


I'm mildly dense, it takes me a little longer than it should to see the obvious. While trying to come up with a color palatte for the new house I came across this little beauty in my style file and thought "Thats it! I'll do coral! I already have tons of turquoise to work with." So I start gathering some images and then I sign on to my blog. I feel like a moron when I see that its the color combo for my page. Oh well, I knew there was a reason I liked it... its late and my brain (which a moment ago felt so inspired) is tired. Here are some pretty pictures, I'm off to bed.

I'd love to do this to my floors!

Wow, sorry so teeny. I just bought a glass top Parsons console at the Crate and Barrel outlet today for $49 buckds and plan on painting it coral for my entry. Should look similar to the above bed.

On the move, again.

We found a house, put it under agreement and the FOR SALE sign is up in the front yard. Now I'm feverishly getting the house ready for an Open House on Sunday. The new house is literally down the street, we are only changing house numbers. Its also just five houses from the beach! Its a big mid century ranch in all its wood paneled, brown and yellow glory. Its going to need a whole lot of updating and white washing, but luckily that's something that makes me giddy. I'm thinking mod -beachy casual with a Palm Springs kick. (Can that even exist in New England?) It has alot of original features that I love and want to keep and incorporate like this fireplace and cream cork floors... I just want to take the brass insert out.
I think the foyer with its peek-a-boo wall will look great with a punchy wallpaper.

And there are so many great original light fixtures I love... Check out the pendants in the bathrooms! I think these bathrooms are going to stay Brady Bunch for a while, they are in mint condition and I think the chartreuse has alot of potential.

I will try to document the project as it starts, anyone have any great ranch-reno ideas or pics they'd care to share? I could use all the inspiration I can get!


I'm sure most of you have seen these Tobi Fairley rooms already, but they just make me so happy! I hope I never get sick of a sunburst mirror.

How fabulous are those sconces?


White has such an amazing way of making a colorful graphic restful...
I came across the link for Carrier and Company while browsing Brown Turtleneck Sweater recently and had to share some of my favorite rooms. I love the relaxed casual elegance they create. Definitely check them out!

a fave

Just needed to post one of my all time faves, Celerie Kembel's office. Just smitten with the teal and yellow combo. For a great post about fabulous offices check of Paloma's at La Dolce Vita here.


After looking at numerous houses lately I have been pretty disappointed in the yards. They are either big grass patches in need of major landscaping or landscaped, but not that practical in their layouts. There was one house that I thought was interesting because it was the ideal summer fun house, and here in New England we live for summer. (Its actually getting auctioned off as I write this). The direct backyard had an enormous bluestone patio with a pool AND cabana (love those cabanas!) as well as a large deck and grassy yard for kids to play.

I came across this layout in DESIGN new england and it got me pondering the perfect backyard. I think I'd love to have a large hardscaped are for entertaining, with several niches for sitting, dining, lounging in the sun.... and a pool wouldn't be bad either. Also, grassy patch with a swingset for the kids. Now all i need is to hit Mega Bucks! Oh well, here is my vision board. Add on the previous post as well.

How lucky are these kids?

I think this playhouse is unbelievable! Architect Patrick Ahearn based the design on the 1843 Whaling Church in Edgartown, Ma (where this playhouse also resides). Makes me want to be 3 feet tall!

DESIGN new england

Long Time No Blog!

I'm finally back! Its been a crazy two weeks of back to back sick kids, many sleepless nights and the start of a new client project to boot. My husband and I also got the two year itch (that's our record of staying in a house) and started looking around for a new abode just to make our heads spin a bit more. Its a disease, with him in real estate and me in design, we just can't sit still. I can't tell you how many houses I've done over in my head this past week. Its fun, but we know with two little ones we need to cool it and settle down. I'll keep you posted if anything comes up.

In the meantime to ease my way back into the blogosphere I went to my beloved Canadian House and Home for some color lovin' inspiration... enjoy!

I'm almost back...

Sorry, I have been MIA for the past week and a half. We took a family vacation and came home with sick kiddos. Everything is almost back to normal and I'll be posting soon!


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