Enough of my whining. Heres some pretty pictures...

Wish I could snap my fingers and transform my space into something more like this one designed by Richard Mishaan...
Just LOVE the combo of blue and fushia!

Elle Decor

Moving Day!

Been packing and hauling things down the street to the new house all day. The movers come tomorrow morning and its my son's first day of school too. I was worried he'd take all this change badly, but he is actually pretty excited to have breakfast at the old house and come home to the new house for lunch. Guess I over think stuff too much. I'll be without computer the next couple days, but I'll back by Monday with some pics of the new place. Have a great rest of the week!

Still having a love affair with orangey coral. Love these rooms!

Found the perfect coral paint color, Ralph Lauren's Bitter Orange, now to try it out on something... hmmm what will it be? I'll post it when I'm done.
house beautiful (if memory is correct)

Dog Days

If you happen to be around the Beverly Common in Beverly, MA this weekend be sure to check out Dale Roger's exhibit of 20 of his"American Dog" sculptures. We got to meet Dale as he moved some of the dogs around. Each dog took about a week to construct and measures 8' tall by 10' long. Pretty cool to walk through and the kids loved it.

Love this kids room and the use of so many patterns... looks so perfectly planned and unplanned at the same time. Everything just falls together, yet you know it took some agonizing to achieve that.


UDATE: 9/26/09 Here is a more current kitchen pic. Floors came out pretty good, had to rent the giant floor scrubbing buffer machine from Home Depot to get them them shiny and waxed.
YAY! I'm amazed how much has gotten done in the past few days. The electricians showed up yesterday and got half my lights up (check out the spaghetti pendant-LOVE). THey come back Tuesday to finish. The painting is almost done (the room in the distance used to be lovely wood panel), the plumber is done, my Dad is coming up to help us out this weekend... and I have a babysitter coming Saturday and Sunday so I can get this place cleaned up and ready for move in! Life is good.

Breaking out of the box

I just love when a stripe goes off course!


Fall is in the air...

The past few mornings have been chilly here in New England... 48 degrees as a matter of fact. Although I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer I am anticipating fall activities like apple picking, hayrides, cider doughnuts and taking the kids to the Topsfield Fair. It also has me gravitating to corals neutrals and chocolates as I come up with my bedroom color scheme. I figure I can amp it up with turquoise as needed.

I just love this entry (especially the Quadrille paper) and its casual elegance.

house beautiful

Hello my little score!

Remember the pineapple lamps I found at a yard sale a few weeks back for $10? If not they are here. Well I was oogling the wares at C. Bell (thank you Hallie at The Glam Lamb for bringing them to my attention with your post- be sure to check out her super chic blog for more images) when I spotted something in the reflection of this lovely mirror...
a pineapple lamp, for $400! I love when this happens, it makes being thrifty all the more rewarding. Also, I love seeing what it might look like after a rewire and spruce up, although mine doesn't have the holes in the base. Anyone else have a great score they'd care to share?

8 Days and counting freak out...

With move in day only 8 days away I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm feeling like there is no way the new house is going to be ready in time. Still so much to paint, electrician still needs to change out fixtures and update basically EVERYTHING, and the DIRT... it took me 7 hours to clean only 1/2 of my kitchen floor. I really thought they were beige when I mopped them the first time, then I took a Scotch-Brite to a small section and they were WHITE! (see below)

Here's a peek at what I've been up to in the kitchen, pretty gross and not that exciting...

Scrubbing, lots of good old fashioned on my hands and knees scrubbing.

BEFORE (that's not my sweet patio/dining set)

AFTER Turquoise walls

Trying to work with the retro ranch element going on. There will also be pops of orange, and my spaghetti lamp from my current sunporch, & some white eiffel base shell chairs going on.

BEFORE (You can actually see the grease reflecting from the cabinets!)


We changed the hardware from brass to nickel.

We scrubbed LAYERS of grease off the cabinets (took three rounds of TSP, finally plain old Lysol did the trick...if anyone needs cleaning product recommendations I tried a bunch and seriously Lysol liquid cleaner beat everything, even commercial floor cleaners... go figure)
I'll post more soon and it won't be as dull and boring next time, I can feel visual progress coming...
and I promise I won't bitch about the dirt anymore.

Studio Isle

I'm totally fascinated by Isle Crawford's work. I'm drawn into her sense of scale and color, while at the same time I'm left feeling slightly disturbed. Can't really explain it, kind of leaves me with a surreal dream quality...

but I like it.

Been coveting this anemone fixture since I first saw it in Tobi Fairley's portfolio.


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