Joe & his 'tar.

I rarely post my kids, this is a design blog afterall, but I had to share these pics. This is my son Joe, he is a special little guy. He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum PPD-NOS which makes for some challenges. We have had great success with the Gluten-free/Casien-free diet... he is speaking again, making eye contact and gives the best hugs that just melt me.

He has always shown a slight interest in music, but when we started going to the Rowley Fleamarket we started to notice his love of instruments. He'd spot them yards away and yell out "tuba" or "tumpet". He would meltdown when he saw a trumpet, flute or guitar because they're usually priced WAY to high for him to even touch. (And "just looking" doesn't comprehend to a kid.) It started to feel cruel just bringing him along. This weekend he had just gotten over a sobfest because he couldn't touch a $160 guitar, when we turn the corner and there was a kid's guitar for $15. We finally gave and bought him it. It was the best money ever spent, I can't take it out of his hands. He brings his "Tar" everywhere...
car rides...

potty training...

and to watch some Dora.

I just love the orange countertop in this kitchen, so juicy! And the London Tube map as a backsplash is a great graphic punch.

images from Livingetc


I just adore this bedroom. From the handmade ostrich egg light to the gable end headboard, just beautiful.

Black Walls

I am so excited about a current project because I have a fabulous client that is not afraid of the dark. He is completely into the idea of doing a black room (in this case it will be the guest room and bath). We are thinking of using Osborne and Little's Minaret in black on black.
I love this look because its is so bold and sophisticated and sexy and edgy all at the same time. It can be played in so many directions too, from clean and modern to over the top Draperesque traditional. I'll post pictures when I'm done, in the meantime here is a little black room photo montage to enjoy..
Anyone else loving black rooms?


For more black rooms check out this link for Apartment Therapy.

Miss Martha still got it going on.

I was immediately drawn to the above image while flipping through the latest Martha Stewart issue and decided to check her website for more. Goldmine! I just love this whole house and the bold use of color. Located on Long Island, it belongs to sculptor Elena Colombo.

How killer are those turquoise floors?

I think I need to read Martha more often!

Orange you fabulous!

Here is my quick little "Ode to Orange", my current color obsession. Don't worry aqua, I haven't forgotten about you either.

Dear IKEA PS Maskros,

I've been waiting so patiently...but this is just torture! COME ON AND GET IN THE STATES ALREADY!!!!
I really thought you'd be here by now. My electrician is installing lights next week, and its been months since I first laid eyes on you only to learn you were on the slow boat over here... what a tease! I actually considered driving to Canada for you, but that might make my husband think I truly am insane.

So I will keep waiting for you. You still have a spot on my ceiling. All I ask is that you look as beautiful as I've imagined and not like a cheap, crappy plastic light. OK? I know you will be loved by many, and I'll probably get so sick of seeing you every where, but I'll cross that path when it happens. Just get here already, pretty please.


Great stripe!

I found the new inspiration for my son's room from Betsy Burnham's portfolio. He asked for a blue room with white "road" stripes and orange "train track" stripes (dashed lines). I did that for his current room with 1 1/2" stripes and he drives his trains and matchboxes along the walls. I'd love to integrate the ceiling into the mix at the new house and I'm loving this racing stripe!

Yes, I'm a slacker!

I know, I know... I haven't really been around much this past month. Between moving, client projects and it just being so damn hot I haven't had much left to offer my sad little blog, BUT I promise to make up for it really soon! (I actually have some great stuff to add, just need to get around to scanning.)

the pergola

I spied this pergola attached to a wee poolhouse and thought it was so charming. I love pergolas for the instant character they give a space or structure. We added one to our current house and it beefed up a once wimpy deck. I also love the feel of the outdoor room they create, perfect for dining or sipping a cocktail while enjoying a summer breeze. Here are a few more pergolas to enjoy...

Color Quiz

Here is a fun little Color Test you can take.

I had to laugh when I read the first part of my results.
Pretty much hit the nail on the head..."Craves change and new things, always looking for new adventures and activities. Becomes restless and frustrated when she has to wait to long for things to develop. Her impatience leads to irritability and a desire to move on to the next project."

Just ask my husband about my patience level, its non-existent, or the never ending trail of new projects I leave through the house.


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